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What Decade in Classic Hollywood (20s-60s) do you like least?

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I'd say the 20s only because everything was still in its infancy and there are only a handful of movies from that time that I've watched and liked.

My favorite time is the 40s-60s. 

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Early to late 1930s, for the comedies.  There is plenty that I can find to enjoy in the other decades,  but I will drop what I am doing to make sure I get something from this era recorded.

P.S.  Oops I see you asked "least".  Not sure about that.  There are different strengths I can find of each decade.

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I know this thread is about least favorite.

But I especially love that era of Hollywood where they were just starting to segue out of the studio system, but hadn't completely moved into the era with the first NC-17 movie. 

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Probably the forties.  Wartime movies such up a lot of the oxygen in 1943 to 1945, it takes time for Hitchcock to fully adapt to Hollywood, Sergeant York is not a good look for Hawks, the Marx Brothers' best days are behind them, Gene Kelly really gets into his stride at the end of the decade one could go on.

An argument can be made is that the last years of Classic Hollywood, 1960 to 1966, show real problems with misconceived epics and "message movies" whose self-righteousness exceeds their insight or actual courage.   There's a whole surfeit of attempts to copy New Wave ideas (also in English films at the time), mostly without success.

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