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Need Help ID'ing Film Noir Circa 1950


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Hi, new member here. I saw a movie a while back that had a blonde woman who was part of a car theft racket she was trying to infiltrate. The scene I remember she was riding with her accomplice in a white 1950 Ford convertible in which they purposely caused a flat tire in order to distract the parking lot attendant. While the attendant was changing the tire for the woman, her accomplice stole a Lincoln sedan. She then used the phone booth to tip off the cops. I think she was working incognito to find her husband's killer. There was also another scene at the end which involved a shootout with cops inside a garage with stolen cars. This movie was made circa 1950. 

I first saw this movie on either YouTube or Dailymotion and had it bookmarked, but the link has now disappeared and I can't remember the name. Please help! 

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It sounds familiar in parts and then it doesn't.  Sounds  a bit like  Hit and Run (1957) and also like  a British film  Never Let Go (1960). Hit and Run has the blonde and Never Let Go has the stolen car racket. But of course they are newer than 1950.

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15 hours ago, FromABuick8 said:

I found it on YouTube last night...it's called "Missing Women" with Penny Edwards from 1951.  It's an obscure, yet very solid film that rarely gets mentioned. Thanks for your help!


Ah,  a Republic noir \ crime film.      No wonder we don't see it on TCM.

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