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The Beefcake Thread Part Deux

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As a change of pace from the threads discussing women's figures in the form of bikini and underwear photos, I thought I'd try one of my threads again...

This is a revival of the infamous Beefcake thread from a couple years ago that was sadly removed.  Apparently some people posted some rather risque photos that probably belonged in Playgirl.

Please don't do that.

No nudes--frontal, from behind, birdseye view, etc. 

The original Beefcake thread was inspired by this article that I found on The Errol Flynn Blog:




Judging from Flynn's age mentioned (33), this article is from 1942.  If there was a derriere measurement, Brent would have won hands down. 

Best Body:

Image result for errol flynn

Errol Flynn

Image result for burt lancaster the swimmer

Burt Lancaster


Who is your favorite beefcake?


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My favorite subject! Although nobody beats Errol for grace & beauty.

Although Burt is a close second....who else could have made an entire film in swimming trunks at 55 years old?



How about Paul Newman? (yowsah)


Most don't realize John Payne was a beefcake early in his career, although you didn't get to see much except when he played a boxer-



My favorite will always be Robert Conrad - his muscular yet trim figure always rocked those great costumes in The Wild, Wild West:


(the rare male camel tow)


One thing we can all agree on- as much as we love Clark Gable, he had the worst physique in cinema history.


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1 hour ago, TikiSoo said:

One thing we can all agree on- as much as we love Clark Gable, he had the worst physique in cinema history.

Oh, I wouldn't say that.  He looked OK to me in "It Happened One Night."  Certainly Sydney Greenstreet, SZ Sakall or Charles Laughton had worse physiques.  

Image result for clark gable no undershirt  Image result for clark gable no undershirt

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5 hours ago, TikiSoo said:

Clark was soft as a woman. Moobs. Flat butt.👎🏾

Sometimes I cannot decide if I think Gable is attractive or not.  Sometimes I think he is, like in It Happened One Night, but then other times, he looks like the guy from Mad Magazine.

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Image result for gidget 1959

I'm also into the surf bods, like James Darren's in Gidget or Luke Perry's in Beverly Hills, 90210 (he was a bit on the skinny side in season 1, I think he bulked up slightly in subsequent seasons). 

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18 hours ago, Peebs said:


That is certainly one handsome man.  And he can read too! Though I could forgive him if the book were actually upside down.

The Buster Keaton photo is from The Cameraman, a fabulous film. John Payne is one of those actors who doesn't seem gay on screen, although some of those photos would make one wonder, especially the second one with the surfboard. This may reflect the interests of the photographer rather than the actor himself.

I'm with speedracer when it comes to preferring the more natural look--what the personal ads used to call a "swimmer's build"--rather than the over-developed bulked-up bodies most actors believe they need today.

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21 hours ago, Polly of the Precodes said:


Buster Keaton. Seriously, I swooned the first time I saw him shirtless in one of his silent films.


Both Buster & Harold Lloyd had incredible bodies. They had to be in shape to do all of the crazy things they did!


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