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There is an ongoing issue with TCM premieres disappearing from the schedule.  Escape from the Planet of the Apes will most certainly be shown this evening (you can verify by checking your cable guide and other online schedule sources).

Visit the TCM Premieres topic for further discussion of the issue.


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That movie created a time travel paradox, Zira and Cornelius is the LAST of the apes by escaping but also the "Adam and Eve" of their kind (the great X10 grandparents of  themselves)  Prevent the event from happening,, intelligent apes will cease to exist.

(And spare the cat & dog from extinction to boot)


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So sad to learn this morning that Natalie Trundy passed away at age 79.


Ben Mankiewicz in introducing "Escape" made mention of Natalie having been the wife of Arthur P. Jacobs at the time he cast her in all four "Apes" sequels of the original film series. She was the human mutant Albina in "Beneath," Dr. Stephanie Branton (Stevie) in "Escape"; and finally played a simian as Caesar's  chimpanzee mate Lisa in "Conquest" and "Battle." While watching this, I wondered if the surviving cast might be watching the TCM premiere (recalling that the only other remaining major cast member Eric Braeden had indicated he didn't have a high opinion of the film in an interview a few years ago), but today I learned Natalie's passing occurred a full month ago, far predating this airing of the movie.

I've always been a major fan of the entire cast of the original saga, and found humor in the following situation regardless of the nepotism involved: in addition to Natalie having been cast in the films by her husband the franchise's producer Mr. Jacobs, Linda Harrison had been married to studio boss Richard D. Zanuck from the year the first film was made until 1978, and was cast as Nova in both the original film and "Beneath" and later worked again with Charlton Heston as one of the stewardesses in "Airport 1975" using the pseudonym Augusta Summerland; the punchline was that when Steven Spielberg was casting "Jaws" the following year, the studio wanted him to hire Heston as the Amity Island sheriff but Spielberg resisted because he felt the audience would feel too safe with Heston accompanying them on the screen, and nobody would fear the shark, and that instead of a star who would provide a moral support score of 10, he needed an 8, and mentioned his problem at a party to Roy Scheider, who responded to Steven, "Hey, I'm an 8"... and if Heston had gotten the Chief Brody part, it would have been a fourth time he might have been teamed with Harrison, since Richard Zanuck as the co-producer was eager to have the former Nova appear as Brody's wife, but in an ironic justice of one nepotism outranking another, this time Universal's head honcho Sid Sheinberg wanted his wife Lorraine Gary for the part. In each case, I think the right person was cast regardless of all that.

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