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Warner Bros.' Goof Reel

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I'm curious if anybody else saw this short, which aired today (August 8) after *Marked Woman*. It's basically a blooper reel, in the days before such things were called bloopers. Presumably, it was made for private consumption, since it mentions not having passed any censorship board; contains the word "damn" once or twice, and makes a derogatory remark about Joe Breen.


Unfortunately, I didn't recognize all of the movies from which the clips were taken, although I noticed that the beginning uses footage from *Wild Boys of the Road* (not named in the short).


Interesting, to say the least.


"If it's a good picture, it's a Miracle!"

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It might have been, but I don't have enough bandwidth to download them. Does *Breakdowns of 1936* include bloopers from *A Midsummer Night's Dream*? If so, that's the one I saw.


The short didn't have a title, and TCM's schedule page lists it as "Warner Bros' Goof Reel" (1935).

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TCM has aired this before - it's hard not to forget the rather insensitive title card that referred to Tony Gaudio going home to make one of "his **** dinners."

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The BREAKDOWN blooper reels are available from some of the companies that sell public domain films. In 2007, a one called PC Treasures came out with a DVD that had six on them (1936-40 & 1946). At that time, they were available on the dollar table at Target stores. Haven't seen them recently. I bought several copies and gave them as Christmas gifts to my film buff friends. I would image they can be found online. It's called ALL STAR BLOOPERS.


The 1937 edition can be found as an extra on the Warner's DVD of SAN QUENTIN (1937).

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Warner Breakdowns on DVD (no guarantee this is complete):


1935: Warner Tough Guys Collection: G Men disc

1936: Warner Tough Guys Collection: Bullets or Ballots disc

1937: Warner Tough Guys Collection: San Quentin disc

1938: Adventures of Robin Hood

1939: Warner Tough Guys Collection: Each Dawn I Die disc

1940: Warner Tough Guys Collection: City for Conquest disc

1941: The Maltese Falcon Special Edition

1942: Bogart Signature Collection Vol. 2: Passage to Marseille disc

1943: Bogart Signature Collection Vol. 2: Across the Pacific disc

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Since we are on the subject of bloopers and goofs, there is one that really stood out and its NOT a movie but a "technical public marketing" film called *The Voice from the Screen* presented before the New York Electrical Society on October 27, 1926. by Edward B. Craft who was the Executive Vice President of Bell Telepnone Labratories at the time.


The film was marketing the Vitaphone system for the film industry and after going through all the motions, how its set up, operated, etc. it was at the end of the presentation that really had the goof.


During a sample Vitaphone demonstration, 2 premiere entertainers "Witt & Berg" was doing a little musical tune and the film showed the entire filming sequence and after production the results were finally presented to show the Vitaphone final product. LOL they played the WRONG song!! Someone must have sent Mr Craft the *wrong* Vitaphone record disk.


I think I just found out why the film studios outside Warner Brothers rejected it!

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> {quote:title=musicalnovelty wrote:}{quote}

> I was away (at a film event, naturally!) when this "goof reel" was shown Saturday, but from what has been said about it here, it appears to be the one called "Things You Never See On the Screen" from 1935 or so.


That's the title on the 1935 blooper reel on the "G Men" DVD. The following year they started calling them "Breakdowns," with fancier titles and overall higher production values. Also, the 1935 reel is the only one with the naughty words muted (in the print). Later we can hear all the GDs, JCs and SOBs coming out of the mouths of our favorite screen legends.

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