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TCM Programming Challenge #42 -- "The Game's Afoot"

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Two days down so far. I'll post what I have so far and keep editing at it......


Challenge #1; George C. Scott for They Might be Giants (1971)

Challenge #2: Murder by Decree: Condemned to Death

Challenge #3: The Victorian Era

Challenge #4:  Margaret Rutherford's Miss Marple

Challenge 5: Starring Madeline Kahn

SOTM: Joan Bennett

TCM Spotlight: Hal Wallis Productions

Silent Sunday: Tabu; A Story of the South Seas (1931)

TCM Imports; La Femme Infidele (1969) and Violette (1978)

TCM Underground: Citizen's Band (1977) and Crazy Mama (1975)

the Essentials: Romeo and Juliet (1968)


1.  Valiant is the Word for Carrie (1936)

2. The Pied Piper (1942)

3. The Day of the Locust (1975)

4. I Wanted Wings (1941)

5. Captain Carey USA (1950)

6. East Lynne (1931)

7. Porgy and Bess (1959)

8. The White Parade (1934)

9. Private Worlds (1935)

10. The Trial of Vivienne Ware (1932)

11. Barton Fink (1991)

12. Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? (1978)


Exempt Premieres:

1. Movie Movie (1978)

2. They Might be Giants (1971)

3. Islands in the Stream (1977)

4. La Femme Infidele (1969)

5. Violette (1978)

6. At Long Last Love (1975)

7. Clue (1985)

8. Daniel (1983)

9. The Imperfect Lady (1946)

10. The Blue Lagoon (1949)

11. The Portrait of a Lady (1996)

12. Citizens Band (1977)

13. Crazy Mama (1975)

14. Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948)


Sunday, November 8, 2020

Starring George C. Scott (Challenge #1)

6 AM The List of Adrian Messenger (1963) George C Scott & Dana Wynter  D:John Huston U-I 98 min (p/s)

7:45 AM Movie Movie (1978) Harry Hamlin & Trish Van Devere D; Stanley Donen WB/ITC 105 min Actor-Exempt Premiere #1

9:30 AM The Flim-Flam Man (1967) Michael Sarrazin & George C. Scott D Irvin Kershner Fox 104 min p/s

11:15 AM They Might be Giants (1971) George C Scott & Joanne Woodward D Anthony Harvey Universal 91 min Actor-Exempt Premiere #2

1 PM The Bible ... In the Beginning (1966) George C Scott & Ava Gardner D John Huston Fox 174 min p/s

4 PM Oklahoma Crude (1973) George C Scott & Faye Dunaway  D Stanley Kramer Columbia 112 min (p/s)

6 PM Islands in the Stream (1977) George C Scott & David Hemmings  D Franklin J. Schaffner Paramount 105 min. Actor-Exempt Premiere #3
Starring Coleen Moore

8 PM Lilac Time (1928) Coleen Moore & Gary Cooper D George Fitzmaurice & Frank Lloyd First National 80 min

9:30 PM Why Be Good? (1929) Coleen Moore & Neil Hamilton D William Seiter First National 81 min 

11 PM Ella Cinders (1926) Coleen Moore & LLoyd Hughes D Alfred E Green First National 75 min (p/d)
Silent Sunday

12:30 AM Tabu; A Story of the South Seas (1931) Matahi & Anne Chevalier D FW Murnau Paramount 84 min p/s
TCM Imports 

2 AM La Femme Infidele (1969) Stephane Audran & Michel Bouquet D Claude Chabrol Allied Artists 98 min Import Exempt Premiere #1

3:45 AM Violette (1978) Isabelle Huppert & Stephane Audran D Claude Chabrol Gaumont 124 min Import Exempt Premiere #2


Monday November 9, 2020

Starring Madeline Kahn (Challenge #5)

6 AM What's Up Doc (1972) Barbra Streisand & Ryan O'Neal D Peter Bogdonovich WB 94 min p/s

7:45 AM At Long Last Love: The Directors Cut (1975) Burt Reynolds & Cybill Shepherd D Peter Bogdonovich Fox 123 min. 1942-Exempt premiere #1

10 AM Paper Moon (1973) Tatum O'Neal & Ryan O'Neal D Peter Bogdonovich Paramount 102 min p/s

11:45 AM The Cheap Detective (1978) Peter Falk & Louise Fletcher D Robert Moore Columbia/EMI 92 min p/s

1:30 PM Clue (1985) Tim Curry & Lesley Ann Warren D Jonathan Lynn Paramount 96 min 1942 Exempt premiere #2

3:15 PM Young Frankenstein (1974) Gene Wilder & Marty Feldman D Mel Brooks Fox 105 min p/s
Bette Davis Double Feature

5 PM Beyond the Forest (1949)  Bette Davis & Joseph Cotten D King Vidor WB 89 min p/s

6:30 PM Dangerous (1935) Bette Davis & Franchot Tone D Alfred E Green WB 79 min

Murder by Decree: Condemned to Death (Challenge #2)

8 PM Dead Man Walking (1995) Susan Sarandon & Sean Penn D Tim Robbins PolyGram/Working Title 122 min p/s

10:15 PM A Man for All Seasons (1966) Paul Scofield & Wendy Hiller D Fred Zinneman Columbia 120 min p/s

12:30 AM Dishonored (1931) Marlene Dietrich & Victor McLaghlan D Josef Von Sternberg Paramount 91 min p/s

2:15 AM Mata Hari (1931) Greta Garbo & Ramon Navarro D George Fitzmaurice MGM 89 min

3:45 AM Daniel (1983) Timothy Hutton & Mandy Patinkin D Sidney Lumet Paramount 130 min Title-Exempt premiere


Tuesday November 10, 2020

Oscar Nominated  Films Never Shown During 31 Days of Oscar

6 AM Valiant is the Word for Carrie (1936) Gladys Geoge and Arline Judge D; Wesley Ruggles Paramount 110 min Premiere #1

8 AM The Pied Piper (1942) Monty Wooley & Roddy McDowell D Irving Pichel Fox 87 min Premiere #2

9:30 AM The Day of the Locust (1975) William Atherson & Karen Black  D John Schlesinger Paramount 144 min premiere #3

12 PM I Wanted Wings (1941) Ray Milland & William Holden D Mitchell Leisen Paramount 135 min Premiere #4

2:15 PM Captain Carey USA (1950) Alan Ladd & Wanda Hendrix D Mitchell Leisen paramount 82 min Premiere #5

3:45 PM East Lynne (1931) Ann Harding & Clive Brook D Frank Lloyd Fox 102 min Premiere #6

5:30 PM Porgy and Bess (1959) Sidney Poitier & Dorothy Dandridge D Otto Preminger Columbia/Goldwyn 138 min Premiere #7

The Victorian Era (Challenge #3)

8 PM The Imperfect Lady (1946) Ray Milland & Teresa Wright D Lewis Allen Paramount 97 min. Theme-Exempt Premiere #1

9:45 PM The Blue Lagoon (1949) Jean Simmons & Donald Huston D Frank Launder Rank 90 min Theme-Exempt Premiere #2

11:30 PM The Wrong Box (1966) John Mills & Ralph Richardson D Bryan Forbes Columbia 107 min p/s

1:30 AM The Go-Between (1971) Julie Christie & Alan Bates D Joseph Losey Columbia 116 min p/s

3:30 AM The Portrait of a Lady (1996) Nicole Kidman & Barbara Hershey D Jane Campion PolyGram 144 min Theme-Exempt Premiere #3


Wednesday  November 11, 2020

Margaret Rutherford's Miss Marple (Challenge #4)

6 AM Murder She Said (1961) Margaret Rutherford & Stringer Davis D George Poll0ck MGM 87 min

7:30 AM Murder at the Gallop (1963) Margaret Rutherford & Stringer Davis D George Poll0ck MGM 81 min

9 AM Murder Ahoy! (1964) Margaret Rutherford & Stringer Davis D George Poll0ck MGM 93 min

10:45 AM Murder Most Foul (1964) Margaret Rutherford & Stringer Davis D George Poll0ck MGM 90 min



12:15 PM The White Parade (1934) Loretta Young & John Boles D Irving Cummings Fox 80 min Premiere #8

1:45 PM So Proudly We Hail (1943) Claudette Colbert & Paulette Goddard D Mark Sandrich Paramount 128 min p/s

4 PM Green for Danger (1946) Alastair Sim & Sally Gray D Sidney Gilliat Rank 91 min p/s

5:45 PM One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) Jack Nicholson & Louise Fletcher D; Milos Forman UA 133 min p/s


Star of the Month: Joan Bennett

8 PM Me and My Gal (1932) Spencer Tracy & Joan Bennett D Raoul Walsh Fox 79 min. p/s

9:30 PM The Reckless Moment (1949) Joan Bennett & James Mason D Max Ophuls Columbia 82 min p/s

11 PM Private Worlds (1935) Claudette Colbert & Charles Boyer D Gregory La Cava Paramount 84 min Premiere #9

12:30 AM The Woman on the Beach (1947) Joan Bennett & Robert Ryan D Jean Renoir RKO 71 min

1:45 AM The Woman in the Window (1944) Edward G Robinson & Joan Bennett D Fritz Lang RKO 99 min (p/s)

3:30 AM The Macomber Affair (1947) Gregory Peck & Joan Bennett  D Zoltan Korda UA 90 min (p/s)

5 AM The Trial of Vivienne Ware (1932) Joan Bennett & Donald Cook D William K Howard Fox 56 min Premiere #10


Thursday November 12, 2020

Grand Prize Winners from the Cannes Film Festival

6 AM The Conversation (1974) Gene Hackman & John Cazale D Francis Ford Coppola Paramount 113 min p/s

8 AM The Hireling (1973) Sarah Miles & Robert Shaw D Alan Bridges Columbia 95 min p/s

9:45 AM The Cranes Are Flying (1958)  Tatiana Samoilova & Aleksey Batalov D Mikhail Kalatozov WB 97 min p/s

11:30 AM The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964) Catherine Deneuve & Nino Castelnuovo  D Jacques Demy Janus 91 min p/s

1:15 PM Barton Fink (1991) John Turturro & John Goodman D Joel (& Ethan) Coen Fox/Working Title 117 min Premiere #11

3:15 PM Missing (1982) Jack Lemmon & Sissy Spacek D; Costa-Gravas Universal/Polygram 122 min p/s

5:30 PM Friendly Persuasion (1956) Gary Cooper & Dorothy McGuire D William Wyler Allied Artists 137 min p/s


Ask Me No Questions and I'll Tell You No Lies......

8 PM Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? (1978) Jacqueline Bisset & Robert Morley D Ted Kotcheff WB/Lorimar 116 min Premiere #12

10 PM What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice? (1969) Geraldine Page & Ruth Gordon D lee H Katzin ABC/Cinerama Releasing 101 min p/s

11:45 PM What Price Hollywood? (1932) Constance Bennett & Lowell Sherman D George Cukor RKO Pathe 88 min

1:15 AM Who's Minding the Mint? (1967) Jim Hutton & Dorothy Provine D Howard Morris Columbia 97 min p/s

3 AM Why Would I Lie? (1980) Treat Williams & Lisa Eichhorn D Larry Peerce MGM 105 min 

4:45 AM Why Worry? (1923) Harold Lloyd & Jobena Ralston D Fred Newmeyer & Sam Taylor Hal Roach 63 min. p/s


Friday November 13, 2020

Paramount Throwbacks -- Titles that have not been seen in Years

6 AM The Pleasure of His Company (1961) Fred Astaire & Debbie Reynolds D George Seaton Paramount 115 min p/s

8 AM Lucy Gallant (1955) Jane Wyman & Charlton Heston D Robert Parrish Paramount 104 min p/s

9:45 AM Fast and Loose (1930) Carole Lombard & Miriam Hopkins D Fred Newmeyer Paramount 70 min p/s

11 AM The Wild Party (1929) Clara Bow & Fredric March D Dorothy Arzner Paramount 77 min p/s

12:30 PM Tillie and Gus (1933) WC Fields & Alison Skipworth D Francis Martin Paramount 58 min p/s

1:30 PM International House (1933) WC Fields & Rudy Vallee D Edward Sutherland Paramount 68 min p/s

2:45 PM Falling in Love (1984) Meryl Streep & Robert De Niro D; Ulu Grosbard paramount 106 min p/s

4:45 PM Golden Earrings (1947) Marlene Dietrich & Ray Milland D Mitchell Leisen Paramount 95 min p/s

6:30 PM The Great Gatsby (1926) Warner Baxter & Lois Wilson D Herbert Brenon Paramount 80 min p/s


TCM Spotlight: Hal Wallis Productions

8 PM I Walk Alone (1947) Kirk Douglas & Lizabeth Scott D Byron Haskin Paramount 97 min p/s

9:45 PM The File on Thelma Jordon (1950) Barbara Stanwyck & Wendell Corey D Robert Siodmak Paramount 100 min p/s

11:30 PM The Accused (1949) Loretta Young & Robert Cummings D William Dieterle Paramount 101 min p/s

1:15 AM So Evil My Love (1948) Ray Milland & Ann Todd D Lewis Allen Paramount 112 min p/s


TCM Underground

3:15 AM Citizens Band (1977) Paul Le Mat & Candy Clark D; Jonathan Demme Paramount 98 min Underground-Exempt Premiere #1

5 AM Crazy Mama (1975) Cloris Leachman & Ann Sothern D Jonathan Demme New World 83 min Underground-Exempt Premiere #2


Saturday, November 14, 2020

Trouble in the Midwest and the Plains

6:30 AM The Dark at the Top of the Stairs (1960) Robert Preston & Dorothy McGuire D Delbert Mann WB 124 min p/s

8:45 AM The Gypsy Moths (1969) Burt Lancaster & Scott Wilson D John Frankenheimer MGM 107 min

10:45 AM All Fall Down (1962) Brandon De Wilde & Angela Lansbury D John Frankenheimer MGM 111 min

12:45 PM Walk Softly Stranger (1950) Joseph Cotton & Alida Valli D Robert Stevenson RKO 81 min

2:15 PM Some Came Running (1958) Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin D Vincente Minnelli MGM 137 min

4:45 PM That Hagen Girl (1947) Shirley Templ,e & Ronald Reagan D Peter Godfrey WB 83 min

6:15 PM Fury (1936) Spencer Tracy & Sylvia Sidney D; Fritz Lang MGM 92 min


The Essentials: Brush Up Your Shakespeare

8 PM Romeo and Juliet (1968) Olivia Hussey & Leonard Whiting D Franco Zefferelli Paramount 138 min p/s

10:30 PM The Taming of the Shrew (1967) Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton D Franco Zefferelli  Columbia 122 min p/s


Noir Alley

12:45 AM Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948) Edward G Robinson & Gail Russell D Compton Bennett Paramount 81 min Noir-Exempt Premiere

2:15 AM Odd Man Out (1947) James Mason & Robert Newton D; Carol Reed Rank 116 min p/s

4:15 AM Detective Story (1951) Kirk Douglas & William bendix D William Wyler Paramount 103 min. p/s

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Some of this looks really interesting.  There are George C. Scott movies I haven't seen but have been vaguely interested in.  There's the almost never shown Tabu, as well as showings of Dishonored and Daniel.  Some of the oscar movies that never appear in oscar month are intriguing.  And there are premieres of Clue and A Portrait of a Lady.

But a double foreign film feature devoted to Claude Lelouch?  That could be a deal-breaker.

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I have most of my primetime filled in. 

I have a big work  project that obviously takes precedence over this (sorry guys), because I'm getting paid for it.  Lol.

But  I'm trying.  It looks like a dreary weekend is ahead, so that'll be good work time.

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Cinema International:  Love your schedule, especially the way you handled all of the challenges.  Joan Bennett as SOTM (Are you listening, TCM?) is great as is "Ask Me No Questions and I'll Tell You No Lies," Paramount Throwbacks, Hal Wallis Productions and Never Shown Oscar Films.  Love your Nurses block, too.  Super, super schedule.

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To accomodate a couple of folks who are still working on schedules (we love to see as many schedules as possible!) I'll extend the submission deadline to Saturday, March 7 at 11:59 PM. Hope that gives everybody the time they need to finish up.

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Athos’ Schedule
January 24 - January 30, 2021
Star of the Month: Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
TCM Spotlight: Directors Act
The Essentials: The Sound of Music (1965)
Noir Alley: The Killing (1956) and The Turning Point (1952)
Silent Sunday: The Man Who Laughs (1928)
TCM Imports: Verneuil Directs Gabin and Delon
TCM Underground: Sergio Corbucci

Challenge #1 Actor: Raymond Massey
Challenge #2 Title: A Study in Terror
Challenge #3 Theme: Disguises
Challenge #4 Mystery Movie Series: Warner Oland as Charlie Chan 
Challenge #5 1942: Sandra Dee

1. The Fighting O’Flynn (1949)
2. The Great Manhunt (1950) 
3. Ghost Story (1981)
4. Separate Tables (1983)
5. Death of a Salesman (1951)
6. Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)
7. Round Midnight (1986)
8. The Cotton Club (1984)
9. The Sound of Music (1965)
10. Cinderella (1957)
11. The Turning Point (1952)

Exempt Premieres
1. The Great Imposter (1960)
2. The Man Who Laughs (1928)
3. Any Number Can Win (1963)
4. The Sicilian Clan (1969)
5. The Speckled Band (1931)
6. Under the Red Robe (1937)
7. Come Fill the Cup (1951)
8. I’d Rather Be Rich (1964) 
9. If a Man Answers (1962)
10. The Black Camel (1931)
11. Charlie Chan at the Opera (1936)
12. Play Misty for Me (1971)
13. Django (1966)
14. The Great Silence (1968)

Sunday, January 24, 2021
Challenge #3 Theme: Disguises
6:00am No Way to Treat a Lady (1968) Rod Steiger, Lee Remick. Dir. Jack Smight. PAR. 108 min. (p/s)
8:00am The Great Imposter (1960) Tony Curtis, Karl Malden. Dir. Robert Mulligan. UI. 113 min. (Theme - exempt premiere)
10:00am The Killing (1956) 85 minutes (Noir Alley Repeat)
11:45am The Friends of Eddie Coyle (1973) Robert Mitchum, Peter Boyle. Dir. Peter Yates. PAR. 102 min. (p/s)
1:30pm The Day of the Jackal (1973) Edward Fox, Terence Alexander. Dir. Fred Zinnemann. UI. 143 min. (p/s)
4:00pm Three Days of the Condor (1975) Robert Redford, Faye Dunaway. Dir. Sydney Pollack. PAR. 117 min. (p/s)
6:00pm Scorpio (1973) Burt Lancaster, Alain Delon. Dir. Michael Winner. UA. 114 min. (p/s)
Bill and Grace
8:00pm The Country Girl (1954) Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly. Dir. George Seaton. PAR. 104 min. (p/s)
10:00pm The Bridges at Toko-Ri (1954) William Holden, Grace Kelly. Dir. Mark Robson. PAR. 102 min. (p/s)
Silent Sunday Night
12:00am The Man Who Laughs (1928) Mary Philbin, Conrad Veidt. Dir. Paul Leni. UI. 110 min. (Silent - exempt premiere)
TCM Imports: Verneuil Directs Gabin and Delon
2:00am Any Number Can Win (1963) Jean Gabin, Alain Delon. Dir. Henri Verneuil. MGM. 118 min. (Imports - exempt premiere)
4:00am The Sicilian Clan (1969) Jean Gabin, Alain Delon. Dir. Henri Verneuil. FOX. 122 min. (Imports - exempt premiere)

Monday, January 25, 2021
Challenge #1 Actor: Raymond Massey
6:15am The Speckled Band (1931) Lyn Harding, Raymond Massey. Dir. Jack Raymond. First Division Pictures. 66 min. (Actor - exempt premiere) 
7:30am Under the Red Robe (1937) Conrad Veidt, Annabella. Dir. Victor Sjostrom. FOX. 80 min. (Actor - exempt premiere)
9:00am Come Fill the Cup (1951) James Cagney, Phyllis Thaxter. Dir. Gordon Douglas. WB. 113 min. (Actor - exempt premiere)
11:00am Chain Lightning (1950) Humphrey Bogart, Eleanor Parker. Dir. Stuart Heisler. WB. 94 min. (p/s)
Challenge #5 1942: Sandra Dee
12:45pm Portrait in Black (1960) Lana Turner, Anthony Quinn. Dir. Michael Gordon. UI. 112 min. (p/s) 
2:45pm I’d Rather Be Rich (1964) Sandra Dee, Robert Goulet. Dir. Jack Smight. UI. 96 min. (1942 - exempt premiere)
4:30pm If a Man Answers (1962) Sandra Dee, Bobby Darin. Dir. Henry Levin. UI. 102 min. (1942 - exempt premiere)
6:15pm Romanoff and Juliet (1961) Peter Ustinov, Sandra Dee. Dir. Peter Ustinov. UI. 103 min. (p/s)
What a Disaster!
8:00pm The Towering Inferno (1974) Steve McQueen, Paul Newman. Dir. John Guillermin. FOX. 165 min. (p/s)
11:00pm Airport (1970) Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin. Dir. George Seaton. UI. 137 min. (p/s)
1:30am Poseidon Adventure (1972) Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine. Dir. Ronald Neame. FOX. 117 min. (p/s)
3:30am Earthquake (1974) Charlton Heston, Ava Gardner. Dir. Mark Robson. UI. 160 min. (p/s)

Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Directed by John Schlesinger
6:15am  Billy Liar (1963) Tom Courtenay, Julie Christie. Dir. John Schlesinger. Continental Distributing. 98 min. (p/s) 
8:00am Darling (1965) Julie Christie, Laurence Harvey. Dir. John Schlesinger. Embassy Pictures. 128 min. (p/s)
10:15am A Kind of Loving (1962) Alan Bates, June Ritchie. Dir. John Schlesinger. Governor Films. 112 min. (p/s)
12:15pm Sunday Bloody Sunday (1971) Peter Finch, Glenda Jackson. Dir. John Schlesinger. UA. 110 min. (p/s)
Gene Tierney and Vincent Price
2:15pm Laura (1944) Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews. Dir. Otto Preminger. FOX. 88 min. (p/s)
4:00pm Leave Her to Heaven (1945) Gene Tierney, Cornel Wilde. John M. Stahl. FOX. 110 min (p/s)
6:00pm Dragonwyck (1946) Gene Tierney, Walter Huston. Dir. Joseph L. Mankiewicz. FOX. 103 min. (p/s)
Star of the Month: Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
8:00pm The Fighting O’Flynn (1949) Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Helena Carter. Dir. Arthur Pierson. UI. 94 min. (premiere #1)
9:45pm The Exile (1947) Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Maria Montez. Dir. Max Ophuls. UI. 95 min. (p/s)
11:30pm Sinbad, the Sailor (1947) Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Maureen O’Hara. Dir. Richard Wallace. RKO. 116 min. (p/s)
1:30am The Great Manhunt (1950) Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Glynis Johns. Dir. Sidney Gilliat. COL. 104 min. (premiere #2)
3:30am Ghost Story (1981) Fred Astaire, Melvyn Douglas. Dir. John Irvin. UI. 110 min. (premiere #3)

Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Challenge #4 Mystery Movie Series: Warner Oland as Charlie Chan
5:30am The Black Camel (1931) Warner Oland, Sally Eilers. Dir. Hamilton MacFadden. FOX. 71 min. (Series - Exempt premiere)
6:45am Charlie Chan in Egypt (1935) Warner Oland, Pat Paterson. Dir. Louis King. FOX. 72 min. (p/s)
8:00am Charlie Chan at the Opera (1936) Warner Oland, Boris Karloff. Dir. H. Bruce Humberstone. FOX.  68 min. (Series - exempt premiere)
9:15am Charlie Chan at the Circus (1936) Warner Oland, Keye Luke. Dir. Harry Lachman. FOX. 72 min. (p/s)
Claire Bloom
10:30am The Man Between (1953) James Mason, Claire Bloom. Dir. Carol Reed. 100 min. UA. (p/s)
12:15am The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (1963) Richard Burton, Claire Bloom. Dir. Martin Ritt. PAR. 112 min. (p/s)
2:15pm Charly (1968) Cliff Robertson, Claire Bloom. Dir. Ralph Nelson. Cinerama Releasing Corporation. 103 min. (p/s)
4:00pm The Haunting (1963) Julie Harris, Claire Bloom. Dir. Robert Wise. MGM. 112 min. (p/s)
6:00pm Separate Tables (1983) Julie Christie, Alan Bates. Dir. John Schlesinger. HBO. 112 min. (premiere #4)
Challenge #2 Title: A Study in Terror
8:00pm The Collector (1965) Terence Stamp, Samantha Eggar. Dir. William Wyler. COL. 119 min. (p/s)
10:15pm Wait Until Dark (1967) Audrey Hepburn, Alan Arkin. Dir. Terence Young. WB. 108 min. (p/s)
12:15am Psycho (1960) Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock. PAR. 109 min. (p/s)
2:15am Play Misty for Me (1971). Clint Eastwood, Jessica Walter. Dir. Clint Eastwood. UI. 102 min. (Title - exempt premiere) 
4:15am Peeping Tom (1960) Karlheinz Bohm, Moira Shearer. Dir. Michael Powell. Astor Pictures Corporation. 101 min. (p/s)

Thursday, January 28, 2021
Stage to Screen
6:00am Come Back, Little Sheba (1952) Burt Lancaster, Shirley Booth. Dir. Daniel Mann. PAR. 99 min (p/s)
7:45am The Browning Version (1951) Michael Redgrave, Jean Kent. Dir. Anthony Asquith. UI. 90 min. (p/s)
9:30am Death of a Salesman (1951) Frederic March, Mildred Dunnock. Dir. Laslo Benedek. COL. 115 min. (premiere #5) 
11:30am Becket (1964) Richard Burton, Peter O’Toole. Dir. Peter Glenville. PAR. 148 min. (p/s)
2:15pm Barefoot in the Park (1967) Robert Redford, Jane Fonda. Dir. Gene Saks. PAR. 106 min. (p/s)
4:15pm Butterflies Are Free (1972) Goldie Hawn, Edward Albert. Dir. Milton Katselas. COL. 109 min. (p/s)
6:15pm Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon. Dir. James Foley. New Line Cinema. 100 min. (premiere #6)

TCM Spotlight: Directors Act
8:00pm Stalag 17 (1953) William Holden, Don Taylor. Dir. Billy Wilder. PAR. 120 min. (p/s) 
10:15pm The Cardinal (1963) Tom Tryon, Carol Lynley. Dir. Otto Preminger. COL. 175 min. (p/s) 
1:15am Round Midnight (1986) Dexter Gordon, Francois Cluzet, Gabrielle Haker. Dir. Bertrand Tavernier. WB. 133 min. (premiere #7) 
3:30am City for Conquest (1940) James Cagney, Ann Sheridan. Dir. Anatole Litvak. WB. 98 min. (p/s) 

Friday, January 29, 2021
What’s My Line?
5:15am The Egg and I (1947). Claudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray.  Dir. Chester Erksine. 108 min. UI. (p/s). 
7:15am The Tarnished Angels (1957) Rock Hudson, Robert Stack. Dir. Douglas Sirk. UI. 91 min. (p/s) 
9:00am Trapeze (1956). Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis. Dir. Carol Reed. UA. 105 min. (p.s) 
11:00am Strangers When We Meet (1960) Kirk Douglas, Kim Novak. Dir. Richard Quine. COL. 117 min. (p/s) 
1:00pm The Cotton Club (1984) Richard Gere, Gregory Hines. Dir. Francis Ford Coppola. Orion. 139 min. (premiere #8)
3:30pm Mirage (1965) Gregory Peck, Diane Baker. Dir. Edward Dmytryk. UI. 108 min. (p/s) 
5:30pm Elmer Gantry (1960) Burt Lancaster, Jean Simmons. Dir. Richard Brooks. UA. 146 min. (p/s) 
The Name’s Rocky
8:00pm Angels with Dirty Faces (1938) James Cagney, Pat O’Brien. Dir. Michael Curtiz. WB. 97 min. (p/s)
9:45pm Love with the Proper Stranger (1963) Natalie Wood, Steve McQueen. Dir. Robert Mulligan. PAR. 102 min. (p/s)
11:45pm Rocky (1976) Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire. Dir. John G. Avildsen. UA. 120 min. (p/s)
TCM Underground - Sergio Corbucci
2:00am Django (1966) Franco Nero, Loredana Nusciak. Dir. Sergio Corbucci. EIA. 91 min. (Underground - exempt premiere)
3:45am The Great Silence (1968) Jean-Louis Trintignant, Klaus Kinski. Dir. Sergio Corbucci. FOX. 105 min. (Underground - exempt premiere)

Saturday, January 30, 2021
Rodgers and Hammerstein
5:45am State Fair (1945) Jeanne Crain, Dana Andrews, Dick Haymes. Dir. Walter Lang. FOX. 100 min. (p/s). 
7:30am Oklahoma! (1955) Gordon MacRae, Gloria Grahame, Gene Nelson. Dir. Fred Zinnemann. FOX. 145 min. (p/s)
10:00am Carousel (1956) Gordon MacRae, Shirley Jones, Cameron Mitchell. Dir. Henry King. FOX. 128 min. (p/s)
12:15pm The King and I (1956) Deborah Kerr, Yul Brynner, Rita Moreno. Dir. Walter Lang. FOX. 133 min. (p/s)
2:45pm South Pacific (1958) Rossano Brazzi, Mitzi Gaynor, John Kerr. Dir. Joshua Logan. FOX. 171 min. (p/s)
5:45pm Flower Drum Song (1961) Nancy Kwan, James Shigeta, Benson Fong. Dir. Henry Koster. UI. 133 min. (p/s)
The Essentials
8:00pm The Sound of Music (1965) Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer. Dir. Robert Wise. FOX. 172 min. (premiere #9)
11:00pm Cinderella (1957) Julie Andrews, Howard Lindsay. Dir. Ralph Nelson. CBS. 76 min. (premiere #10)
Noir Alley
12:30am The Turning Point (1952) William Holden, Edmond O’Brien. Dir. William Dieterele PAR. 85 min. (premiere #11)
Dorothy Malone
2:00am Man of a Thousand Faces (1957) James Cagney, Dorothy Malone. Dir. Joseph Pevney. UI. 122 min. (p/s)
4:15am Too Much, Too Soon (1958) Dorothy Malone, Errol Flynn. Dir. Art Napoleon. WB. 121 min. (p/s)

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Athos:  Wonderful, wonderful schedule.  I love all of your responses to the Challenges especially Raymond Massey (I've often thought of featuring him in a schedule,)  Study In Terror, Disguises, Charlie Chan and Sandra Dee.  (Charlie Chan & Sandra Dee, together at last!)  The Name is Rocky is very clever as is What's My Line and Code Names.  Love it all!

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Week of November 15, 2020 through November 21, 2020.

SOTM: Barry Sullivan

The Essentials: Kiss Me Deadly (1955).

TCM UNDERGROUND: Double Feature- Burnt Offerings (1976) & The Stepford Wives (1975)

SILENT SUNDAY NIGHT: Harold Lloyd, The Kid Brother (1927)

TCM IMPORTS: Jean Seberg- Breathless (1961) & Congo Vivo (1962)

TCM SPOTLIGHT: Obsession in the Movies

NOIR ALLEY: The Sprial Staircase (11/15) & Jeopardy (1953) (11/21)

CHALLENGE #1: Basil Rathbone

CHALLENGE #2: “Dressed to Kill,” Clothes in the movies

CHALLENGE #3: Social Class Differences, Climbing the Social Ladder

CHALLENGE #5: 1942, Yvette Mimieux born 1/8/42.


Office Space (1999)

Thunder on the Hill (1951)

I’ll Never Forget You (1952)

The Day of the Locust (1975)

Throw Momma from a Train (1987)

Ruthless People (1986)

3 in the Attic (1968)

Lady in the Dark (1944)

The Great Gatsby (1949)

Kiss the Boys Goodbye (1941)

A Woman’s Devotion (1956)


Congo Vivo (1962)

The Picasso Summer (1969)

Joy in the Morning (1965)

Lady for a Night (1942)

The Flirting Widow (1930)

The Bride Wore Boots (1946)

The Tattered Dress (1957)


Sunday, November 15, 2020

“Why couldn’t she be the kind of mermaid with the fish part on top and the lady part on bottom?” -Fry (Billy West), Futurama

DAYTIME THEME: Mermaid Double Feature

6:00am MR PEABODY AND THE MERMAID (1948) William Powell, Ann Blyth, Irene Hervey. Dir. Irving Pichel. Universal. 89 mins. (p/s).

7:30am MIRANDA (1948) Glynis Johns, Googie Withers, Griffith Jones. Dir. Ken Annakin. Eagle-Lion. 80 mins. (p/s).

9:00am HOLLYWOOD, MY HOMETOWN (1965) 52 mins. (p/s).

“You’re being paid to sit in the hall, that’s all you’re good for. GET OUT” -Mrs. Warren (Ethel Barrymore to her Nurse), The Spiral Staircase.


10:00am THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE (1946) Dorothy McGuire, George Brent, Ethel Barrymore. Dir. Robert Siodmak. RKO. 83 mins. (p/s).

“If I don’t like you, I’ll fire you! If you don’t like me, I’ll fire you!” -Lou Grant (Ed Asner), The Mary Tyler Moore Show

DAYTIME THEME: Workplace Politics

11:30am EXECUTIVE SUITE (1954) William Holden, June Allyson, Barbara Stanwyck. Dir. Robert Wise. MGM. 103 mins. (p/s).

1:15pm THE APARTMENT (1960) Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine, Fred MacMurray. Dir. Billy Wilder. United Artists. 124 mins (p/s).

3:30pm OFFICE SPACE (1999) Ron Livingston, Gary Cole, Jennifer Aniston. Dir. Mike Judge. Fox. 89 mins. PREMIERE #1.

5:00pm THE MAN IN THE GRAY FLANNEL SUIT (1956) Gregory Peck, Jennifer Jones, Fredric March. Dir. Nunnally Johnson. Fox. 152 mins. (p/s).

7:45pm WHEN YOU GROW UP (1973) 11 mins.

"It's your fault I am the way I am," Veda Piece (Ann Blyth), Mildred Pierce

PRIMETIME: Starring Ann Blyth

8:00pm OUR VERY OWN (1950) Ann Blyth, Farley Granger, Joan Evans. Dir. Dave Miller. RKO. 89 mins. (p/s).

9:30pm THUNDER ON THE HILL (1951) Claudette Colbert, Ann Blyth, Robert Douglas. Dir. Douglas Sirk. Universal. 84 mins. PREMIERE #2.

11:00pm I’LL NEVER FORGET YOU (1951) Tyrone Power, Ann Blyth, Michael Rennie. Dir. Roy Baker. 89 mins. PREMIERE #3.

“Gee Babe, you’ve done more for baseball than cheese did for Switzerland,” Harold “Speedy” Swift (Harold Lloyd), Speedy.


12:30am THE KID BROTHER (1927) Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston, Walter James. Dir. Ted Wilde. Paramount. 84 mins. (p/s).

"Does the soul exist in modern society?" Patricia (Jean Seberg), Breathless

IMPORTS: Jean Seberg

2:00am BREATHLESS (1961) Jean Seberg, John-Paul Belmondo, Liliane David. Dir. Jean-Luc Goddard. Films Around the World. 89 mins. (p/s).

3:30am CONGO VIVO (1962) Jean Seberg, Gabriele Ferzetti, Carla Bizzarri. Dir. Giuseppe Bennati. Orsay Films. 101 mins. PREMIERE-EXEMPT.




Monday, November 16, 2020

“Nightman, sneaky and mean. Spider inside my dreams, I think I love you” -Charlie (Charlie Day), It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


6:00am THEY DRIVE BY NIGHT (1940) George Raft, Ann Sheridan, Humphrey Bogart. Dir. Raoul Walsh. Warner Brothers. 93 mins. (p/s).

7:45am THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (1955) Robert Mitchum, Shelley Winters, Lillian Gish. Dir. Charles Laughton. United Artists. 90 mins. (p/s).

9:15am NIGHT AND THE CITY (1950) Richard Widmark, Gene Tierney, Googie Withers. Dir. Jules Dassin. Fox. 95 mins. (p/s).

11:00am THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA (1964) Richard Burton, Ava Gardner, Deborah Kerr. Dir. John Huston. MGM. 125 mins. (p/s).

1:15pm HE WALKED BY NIGHT (1948) Richard Basehart, Scott Brady, Roy Roberts. Dir. Alfred Werker. Eagle-Lion. 79 mins. (p/s).

2:45pm THEY LIVE BY NIGHT (1949) Cathy O’Donnell, Farley Granger, Howard De Silva. Dir. Nicholas Ray. RKO. 95 mins. (p/s).

4:30pm NIGHT NURSE (1931) Barbara Stanwyck, Ben Lyon, Joan Blondell. Dir. William A. Wellman. Warner Brothers. 72 mins. (p/s).

5:45pm NIGHT AND DAY (1946) Cary Grant, Alexis Smith, Monty Wooley. Dir. Michael Curtiz. Warner Brothers. 128 mins. (p/s).

“Dayman…ahhhh ahhh… Fighter of the Nightman…. ahhhh ahhhh” -Charlie (Charlie Day), It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


8:00pm THE DAY OF THE LOCUST (1975) Donald Sutherland, Karen Black, Burgess Meredith. Dir. John Schlesinger. Paramount. 144 mins. PREMIERE #4.

10:30pm TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY (1951) Ruth Roman, Steve Cochran, Lurene Tuttle. Dir. Felix Feist. Warner Brothers. 90 mins. (p/s).

12:00am THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (1951) Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Hugh Marlow. Dir. Robert Wise. Fox. 89 mins. (p/s).

1:30am BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK (1955) Spencer Tracy, Robert Ryan, Anne Francis. Dir. John Sturges. MGM. 81 mins. (p/s).

3:00am LADY FOR A DAY (1933) Warren William, May Robson, Guy Kibbee. Dir. Frank Capra. Columbia. 88 mins. (p/s).

4:30am CALL IT A DAY (1937) Olivia de Havilland, Ian Hunter, Anita Louise. Dir. Archie Mayo. Warner Brothers. 90 mins. (p/s).


Tuesday, November 17, 2020

“Oh my god, Danny DeVito! I love your work!” -Damien (Daniel Franzee), Mean Girls.

DAYTIME THEME:  Danny DeVito Birthday spotlight

6:00am ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST (1975) Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher, Danny DeVito. Dir. Milos Forman. United Artists. 133 mins. (p/s).

8:15am THROW MOMMA FROM A TRAIN (1987) Danny DeVito, Billy Crystal, Anne Ramsey. Dir. Danny DeVito. Orion Pictures. 88 mins. PREMIERE #5.

9:45am ROMANCING THE STONE (1984) Kathleen Turner, Michael Douglas, Danny DeVito. Dir. Robert Zemeckis. Fox. 106 mins. (p/s).

11:45am RUTHLESS PEOPLE (1986) Danny DeVito, Bette Midler, Judge Reinhold. Dir. Jim Abrahams. Touchstone Pictures. 93 mins. PREMIERE #6.

“(About wearing pink after devising the “Think Pink” campaign) Me? I wouldn’t be caught dead,” Maggie Prescott (Kay Thompson), Funny Face.  

DAYTIME THEME: Fashionable films

1:30pm FUNNY FACE (1957) Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire, Kay Thompson. Dir. Stanley Donen. Paramount. 103 mins. (p/s).

3:15pm MADE IN PARIS (1966) Ann-Margret, Louis Jourdan, Richard Crenna. Dir. Boris Sagal. MGM. 103 mins. (p/s).

5:00pm FASHIONS OF 1934 (1934) William Powell, Bette Davis, Frank McHugh. Dir. William Dieterle. First National. 78 mins. (p/s).

6:30pm I CAN GET IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE (1951) Susan Hayward, Dan Dailey, George Sanders. Dir. Michael Gordon. Fox. 91 mins. (p/s).

 (On why she’s getting a real kick out of spring break] “being on my own, part of a bunch of live-it-up kids. I didn’t reckon I could have so much fun in my life.” -Melanie (Yvette Mimieux), Where the Boys Are.

PRIMETIME THEME: OPTIONAL CHALLENGE: #5, Featuring Yvette Mimieux, born January 8, 1942

8:00pm WHERE THE BOYS ARE (1960) Dolores Hart, Yvette Mimieux, Paula Prentiss. Dir. Henry Levin. MGM. 99 mins. (p/s).

9:45pm THE PICASSO SUMMER (1969) Albert Finney, Yvette Mimieux, Luis Miguel Dominguin. Dir. Serge Bourguignon. Warner Brothers. 90 mins. PREMIERE- 1942 EXEMPT.

11:15pm JOY IN THE MORNING (1965) Richard Chamberlain, Yvette Mimieux, Arthur Kennedy. Dir. Alex Segal. MGM. 103 mins. PREMIERE-1942 EXEMPT.

1:00am TOYS IN THE ATTIC (1963) Dean Martin, Geraldine Page, Yvette Mimieux. Dir. George Roy Hill. United Artists. 90 mins. (p/s).

2:30am DIAMOND HEAD (1963) Charlton Heston, Yvette Mimieux, James Darren. Dir. Guy Green. Columbia. 107 mins. (p/s).

4:30am 3 IN THE ATTIC (1968) Christopher Jones, Yvette Mimieux, Judy Pace. Dir. Richard Wilson. AIP. 90 mins. PREMIERE #7.


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

“I made up my mind a long time ago. I’m not gonna spend my whole life on the wrong side of the railroad tracks.” -Lil Andrews (Jean Harlow), Red-Headed Woman.

DAYTIME THEME: CHALLENGE #3, Social Classes- Climbing the social ladder

6:00am ALICE ADAMS (1935) Katharine Hepburn, Fred MacMurray, Fred Stone. Dir. George Stevens. RKO. 93 mins. (p/s).

7:45am RED-HEADED WOMAN (1932) Jean Harlow, Chester Morris, Lewis Stone. Dir. Jack Conway. MGM. 74 mins. (p/s).

9:00am BABY FACE (1933) Barbara Stanwyck, George Brent, Donald Cook. Dir. Alfred E. Green. Warner Brothers. 76 mins. (p/s).

10:30am BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S (1961) Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard, Patricia Neal. Dir. Blake Edwards. Paramount. 114 mins. (p/s).

12:30pm BECKY SHARP (1935) Miriam Hopkins, Frances Dee, Cedric Hardwicke. Dir. Rouben Mamoulian. RKO. 85 mins. (p/s).

2:00pm A PLACE IN THE SUN (1951) Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor, Shelley Winters. Dir. George Stevens. Paramount. 118 mins. (p/s).

4:00pm MILDRED PIERCE (1945) Joan Crawford, Jack Carson, Zachary Scott. Dir. Michael Curtiz. Warner Brothers. 109 mins. (p/s).

6:00pm LADY FOR A NIGHT (1942) Joan Blondell, John Wayne, Philip Merivale. Dir. Leigh Jason. Republic. 87 mins. PREMIERE- THEME EXEMPT.

7:30pm CRUISE OF THE ZACA (1952) Errol Flynn. 17 mins.

PRIMETIME: “Everything, everybody’s got a breaking point. And when they get stretched so tight, they can’t take it any longer…” -Lt. Collier Bonnabel (Barry Sullivan), Tension


8:00pm LADY IN THE DARK (1944) Ginger Rogers, Ray Milland, Barry Sullivan. Dir. Mitchell Leisen. Paramount. 100 mins. PREMIERE #8.

9:45pm TENSION (1949) Richard Basehart, Audrey Totter, Barry Sullivan. Dir. John Barry. MGM. 90 mins. (p/s).

11:15pm THE GREAT GATSBY (1949) Alan Ladd, Betty Field, Barry Sullivan. Dir. Elliott Nugent. Paramount. 91 mins. PREMIERE #9.

1:00am FRAMED (1947) Glenn Ford, Janis Carter, Barry Sullivan. Dir. Richard Wallace. Columbia. 81 mins. (p/s).

2:30am THE GANGSTER (1947) Barry Sullivan, Belita, Joan Lorring. Dir. Gordon Wiles. Allied Artists. 82 mins. (p/s).

4:00am ANY NUMBER CAN PLAY (1949) Clark Gable, Alexis Smith, Barry Sullivan. Dir. Mervyn LeRoy. MGM. 112 mins. (p/s).


Thursday, November 19, 2020

“Two profiles pasted together.” -Dorothy Parker about Basil Rathbone.


6:00am THE HOUND OF BASKERVILLES (1939) Richard Greene, Basil Rathbone, Wendy Barrie. Dir. Sidney Lanfield. Fox. 78 mins. (p/s).

7:30am THE BISHOP MURDER CASE (1930) Basil Rathbone, Leila Hyams, Roland Young. Dir. Nick Grinde. MGM. 91 mins. (p/s).

9:15am CAPTAIN BLOOD (1935) Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone. Dir. Michael Curtiz. Warner Brothers. 119 mins (p/s).

11:15am THE FLIRTING WIDOW (1930) Dorothy Mackaill, Basil Rathbone, Leila Hyams. Dir. William Seiter. First National. 72 mins. PREMIERE, ACTOR-EXEMPT.

“You fit the suit!” -Tammy the agent to Greg Brady aka “Johnny Bravo.”

DAYTIME THEME: CHALLENGE #2- Clothes make the man (or woman), based on “Dressed to Kill.”

12:30pm THE BRIDE WORE BOOTS (1946) Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Cummings, Diana Lynn. Dir. Irving Pichel. Paramount. 85 mins. PREMIERE, TITLE-EXEMPT.

2:00pm MOTHER WORE TIGHTS (1947) Betty Grable, Dan Dailey, Mona Freeman. Dir. Walter Lang. Fox. 107 mins. (p/s).

4:00pm THE TATTERED DRESS (1957) Jeff Chandler, Jeanne Crain, Jack Carson. Dir. Jack Arnold. Universal. 93 mins. PREMIERE, TITLE-EXEMPT.

5:45pm THE RED SHOES (1948) Anton Walbrook, Marius Goring, Moira Shearer. Dir. Powell & Pressburger. Eagle-Lion. 135 mins. (p/s)

PRIMETIME: “I’ll never let you go. Never, never, never.” -Ellen Berent (Gene Tierney), Leave Her to Heaven

Gene Tierney 100th Birthday Tribute

8:00pm HEAVEN CAN WAIT (1943) Gene Tierney, Don Ameche, Charles Coburn. Dir. Ernst Lubitsch. Fox. 112 mins. (p/s).

10:00pm RINGS ON HER FINGERS (1942) Henry Fonda, Gene Tierney, Laird Cregar. Dir. Rouben Mamoulian. Fox. 85 mins. (p/s).

11:30pm DRAGONWYCK (1946) Gene Tierney, Walter Huston, Vincent Price. Dir. Joseph L. Mankiewicz. Fox. 103 mins. (p/s).

1:15am LAURA (1944) Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb. Dir. Otto Preminger. Fox. 87 mins. (p/s).

2:45am ON THE RIVIERA (1951) Danny Kaye, Gene Tierney, Corinne Calvet. Dir. Walter Lang. Fox. 89 mins. (p/s).

4:15am THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR (1947) Gene Tierney, Rex Harrison, George Sanders. Dir. Joseph L. Mankiewicz. Fox. 104 mins. (p/s).


Friday, November 20, 2020

“Hello, gorgeous” -Fanny Brice (Barbra Streisand), Funny Girl.

DAYTIME THEME: Movies with characters named “Fanny.”

6:00am FUNNY GIRL (1968) Barbra Streisand, Omar Sharif, Kay Medford. Dir. William Wyler. Columbia. 155 mins. (p/s).

8:45am THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS (1942) Joseph Cotton, Dolores Costello, Anne Baxter. Dir. Orson Welles. RKO. 88 mins. (p/s).

10:15am MUSCLE BEACH PARTY (1964) Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello, Luciana Paluzzi. Dir. William Asher. AIP. 94 mins. (p/s).

12:00pm MR. SKEFFINGTON (1944) Bette Davis, Claude Rains, Walter Abel. Dir. Vincent Sherman. Warner Brothers. 146 mins. (p/s).

“Is it possible to be in love with two men at the same time? Well, let’s set the scene—have we been drinking?” Rose Nylund (Betty White) and Blanche Devereaux (Rue McClanahan), The Golden Girls.

DAYTIME THEME: Love triangles

2:30pm CASABLANCA (1942) Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Henreid. Dir. Michael Curtiz. Warner Brothers. 99 mins. (p/s).

4:15pm SABRINA (1954) Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn, William Holden. Dir. Billy Wilder. Paramount. 112 mins. (p/s).

6:15pm A GIRL, A GUY AND A GOB (1941) George Murphy, Lucille Ball, Edmond O’Brien. Dir. Richard Wallace. RKO. 91 mins. (p/s).

 “Obsession.” -1985 Calvin Klein commercial.

PRIMETIME: Friday Night Spotlight, Films About Obsession

8:00pm MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD (1935) Claude Rains, Douglass Montgomery, Heather Angel. Dir. Stuart Walker. Universal. 85 mins. (p/s)

9:30pm MAD LOVE (1935) Peter Lorre, Frances Drake, Colin Clive. Dir. Karl Freund. MGM. 67 mins. (p/s).

10:45pm THE BIG COMBO (1955) Cornel Wilde, Richard Conte, Brian Donlevy. Dir. Joseph Lewis. Allied Artists. 86 mins (p/s).

12:15am LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN (1945) Gene Tierney, Cornel Wilde, Jeanne Crain. Dir. John M. Stahl. Fox. 110 mins. (p/s).

“Her hair is all…uh…. Her figure is all…uh… she’s a good housekeeper!” Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz), I Love Lucy.

UNDERGROUND: Domesticity

2:15am BURNT OFFERINGS (1976) Karen Black, Oliver Reed, Bette Davis. Dir. Dan Curtis. United Artists. 116 mins. (p/s).

4:15am THE STEPFORD WIVES (1975) Katharine Ross, Paula Prentiss, Peter Masterson. Dir. Bryan Forbes. Columbia. 115 mins. (p/s).


Saturday, November 21, 2020

“A tap dancer is really a frustrated drummer” -Eleanor Powell

DAYTIME THEME: Eleanor Powell Birthday Tribute

6:15am HONOLULU (1939) Eleanor Powell, Robert Young, George Burns. Dir. Edward Buzzell. MGM. 83 mins.

7:45am BROADWAY MELODY OF 1940 (1940) Fred Astaire, Eleanor Powell, George Murphy. Dir. Norman Taurog. MGM. 100 mins. (p/s).

9:30am LADY BE GOOD (1941) Eleanor Powell, Ann Sothern, Robert Young. Dir. Norman Z. McLeod. MGM. 110 mins. (p/s).

11:30am SHIP AHOY (1942) Eleanor Powell, Red Skelton, Bert Lahr. Dir. Edward Buzzell. MGM. 94 mins. (p/s).

DAYTIME THEME: “Give me a kiss!” -Buddy the Bird

1:15pm STRANGERS MAY KISS (1931) Norma Shearer, Robert Montgomery, Neil Hamilton. Dir. George Fitzmaurice. MGM. 77 mins (p/s).

2:45pm KISS THE BOYS GOODBYE (1941) Don Ameche, Mary Martin, Oscar Levant. Dir. Victor Schertzinger. Paramount. 83 mins. PREMIERE #10.

4:15pm KISS ME KATE (1953) Kathryn Grayson, Howard Keel, Ann Miller. Dir. George Sidney. MGM. 109 mins. (p/s).

6:15pm KISS OF DEATH (1947) Victor Mature, Brian Donlevy, Coleen Gray. Dir. Henry Hathaway. Fox. 95 mins. (p/s).

“She told me if I dropped her off at the bus station, I could forget her. But if she didn’t make it, she said ‘Remember me.’” -Mike Hammer (Ralph Meeker) Kiss Me Deadly.

PRIMETIME, ESSENTIALS: Ralph Meeker 100th Birthday

8:00pm KISS ME DEADLY (1955) Ralph Meeker, Albert Dekker, Paul Stewart. Dir. Robert Aldrich. United Artists. 105 mins. (p/s).

9:45pm SOMETHING WILD (1961) Carroll Baker, Ralph Meeker, Mildred Dunnock. Dir. Jack Garfein. United Artists. 112 mins. (p/s).

11:45pm MATCH YOUR MOOD (1968) 7 mins.


“I’ll do anything to save my husband…anything!” -Helen Stilwin (Barbara Stanwyck) Jeopardy

12:00am JEOPARDY (1953) Barbara Stanwyck, Barry Sullivan, Ralph Meeker. Dir. John Sturges. MGM. 68 mins. (p/s).

1:15am A WOMAN’S DEVOTION (1956) Ralph Meeker, Janice Rule, Paul Henreid. Dir. Paul Henreid. Republic. 88 mins. PREMIERE #11.

2:45am SHADOW IN THE SKY (1952) Ralph Meeker, Nancy Reagan, James Whitmore. Dir. Fred M. Wilcox. MGM. 77 mins. (p/s)

4:15am THE NAKED SPUR (1953) James Stewart, Janet Leigh, Ralph Meeker. Dir. Anthony Mann. MGM. 91 mins. (p/s).


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Great schedule, Speedy! (Ha!  I see you used quotes for your segments  --  What a great idea!) Love Basil, Dressed To Kill and it's about time somebody saluted Yvette Mimieux.  Also love workplace politics (we can all relate, ) Obsession, your SOTM Barry Sullivan and the Gene Tierney Tribute.  Another outstanding schedule!

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Thanks to everybody who participated in TCM Challenge #42:  "The Game's Afoot!"  4 great schedules to choose from with so many creative ideas. A voting thread will be posted soon.

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