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I live in Ontario, CANADA...As of Saturday late afternoon the HD on TCM has changed as well as the aspect ration on everything the films & the pre film host introductions. When the hosts do the pre introductions the screen is much smaller 35"x18" I have a 55" screen. Huge black bars all the way around the screen. It was never like this before,  I watch the station every day, and I know what its supposed to look like. I am aware of the aspect ratios for the films and they are incorrect as well. Everything was perfect until Saturday afternoon. I have some stuff PVR'd prior to the change and you can totally see the change that was made. I have called my cable company and its not them...and I have checked all my settings and they are all correct. All my other channels are perfect as well. Has anyone else experienced this change has TCM changed there programming? If so this is terrible I am a cinephile and watch this channel on regular basis this is a horrible set up..it was perfect before.

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The most simple explanation for bars all the way around like that is the result of a widescreen or 16:9 picture, formatted for 4:3, then reformatted for 16:9.

Since TCM HD originates as 16:9, it is likely someone else is taking that, formatting that for their TCM 4:3 SD channel, then also showing that on their HD channel - rather than the actual TCM HD feed.

An occasional movie I can understand - in terms of source material they can use.  A widescreen movie scanned in as widescreen, then formatted to fit onto SD (bars added on top and bottom), then played on HD (top and bottom bars carried over from SD and side bars added). 

But since you are even seeing the hosts this way, it sounds like a misconfigured provider system.

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Are you with Rogers? Ignite or Digital PVR box? I've been having the same problem since around Jan 9th. Seems to be an SD signal converted to HD as the other responder mentioned. Like you, the stuff I have recorded on my PVR plays fine.

I've called Rogers a couple of times to complain but haven't gotten very far with them. Either they've done something wrong or whoever is sending them TCM stream has messed up. I'm curious if Bell has the same issues.

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Oh my gosh!  I’ve been away from TCM for about 2-3 years. Not because I wanted to, it’s my favorite station EVER!!I just couldn’t  afford the cable TV price and as most of you know, they caught on (THE CROOKS!) that TCM was being requested so much so they moved it up to more expensive packages.  So I couldn’t afford my only indulgence anymore, TCM.  Man, that was rough!!  
Well, anyway, I’m able to afford TCM for a short time via streaming through Hulu.  
 I still miss Robert Osborne to this day!! But MOIVES NOT IN WIDESCREEN???  What the heck??  is this because I’m streaming?  Gee, if so, they should tell us this before we shell out the $60 for one month Of added streaming of TCM on Hulu!!  This is crazy stuff!!
I’m so glad I recorded loads of movies and purchased them in widescreen back years ago. Is anything sacred anymore?  Where’s my widescreen movies?  Even the hosts are terrible!! They’re up to about 6-7 hosts and they still can’t hold a candle to Robert Osborne! I don’t mean to complain so much but this is a very nostalgic channel! We expect what we fell in love with; Great movies in widescreen with a great host who gives us super fun info to watch the movie with.  If they can find actors in Hollywood to replace others when they get too big for their britches, you’d think TCM could find a host like Robert Osborne.  Well, there will never be another Robert but I’d like to Nominate Raymond Aroyio (sp?) from Fox News.  His eyes sparkle, he’s classy, and he’s fantastic off the cuff.  I’d LOVE to see him as host.  Atleast try something TCM!! You’re bombing out. Ouch!! 

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