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On 1/25/2020 at 5:28 AM, Roy Cronin said:

1897 was a terrific storyline.  I think one of the best.

1840 was good, particularly the beginning with the ghost of Daphne,  but for me at the time it got complicated. 

As for the Parallel Time plots, I don't get the purpose but for giving the roster of actors the opportunity to play new characters. 

And remember when they briefly went into the future, I believe 1995?!!!

LOL! I don't remember that (1995)

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On 1/25/2020 at 4:16 PM, Dommy said:

Yes Kate Jackson was on the show at that time.   The actress with John Karlen  is Nancy Barrett.  They did have good chemistry together.

OMG! I didn't recognize her!

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On 1/24/2020 at 4:22 PM, Janet0312 said:

John was full of **** and vinegar. Always joking. Always laughing. He took me on a tour of his Brooklyn digs during one of the Dark Shadows fests.  The water fountain. He stepped on a peddle to give me a drink of water and as soon as I bent down to take a drink, he took his foot off the peddle. This went on for some time. He was a real pain in the ****.  One night riding up in the elevator, he went on about a story where he had a job as an elevator operator. My sister was enthralled and John said, "Look, she believes me!" 

I illustrated some fan magazines and would stand in the autograph line to have John sign my drawings. He yelled at me and said he would sign anything at anytime. But I felt that I should wait in line with everybody else.  

Some friends and I took him to the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery where they filmed the movie.  We found the tomb that was supposed to be the Collins tomb where Willie was in search of the Collins' jewels. Well, I tried to get John to toss a bottle at the crypt like he did in the movie, but he wouldn't do it. The man had his principles. Then we took him to the ruins of the Spratt Mansion, which was mysteriously torched in 1969. No kidding, I have a brick from the Old House. 

Some of the stars went on to make a sort of radio recording on DVDs. I bought the first one and called John after listening to it. I said, "You sound just like Willie, even today." And John, ever the hambone that he was replied, "My dear, I AM Willie Loomis!"

I have many fond memories of meeting with John Karlen. He called me a hillbilly when I put ketchup on my eggs at breakfast, that being one of them.  But he was a stitch. His co workers adored him.  I will miss him, but he left us a legacy, many, many appearances to watch and enjoy.

Where WAS the Spratt mansion?

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15 minutes ago, Hibi said:

LOL! I don't remember that (1995)

It served as a bridge between 1970  Parallel Time story and the big 1840 introduction:

Episode 1061 – 1109, July 20, 1970 – September 24, 1970

After escaping 1970 Parallel Time, Barnabas and Julia find Collinwood in shambles, eventually learning that they’ve been sent to the future, the year 1995, after a calamity destroyed the great house, leaving the Collins family scattered and few. It is revealed that a group of ghosts from the early 19th century, led by Gerard Stiles (James Storm), instigated the destruction back in 1970.   Armed with future knowledge from an aged Carolyn, Barnabas and Julia use a mysterious staircase into time, returning to 1970.

Once back, the duo investigate the circumstances that led to Gerard Stiles becoming a malevolent real-estate-wrecking spirit. However, Gerard eventually manifests, along with ghostly children Tad Collins (David Henesy) and Carrie Stokes (Kathy Cody), along with ghostly governess Daphne (a pre-Charlie's Angels Kate Jackson), who beguiles Quentin. Eventually, everyone is forced to stand by helplessly while the prophecies come true as Gerard’s ghost summons a horde of zombies straight from their graves that overrun and destroy the great house, also kidnapping Barnabas. Fortunately, Julia uses the stairway into time to escape.

Julia’s staircase escape takes her back in time to 1840. 

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I think that while 1897 was popular with fans, ratings really dropped with the tedious Leviathan storyline followed by 1970 Parallel Time.

1840 was probably designed as an attempt to return to the costume drama with Gerard and Daphne repeating Quentin and Beth.

But everything just got too convoluted.

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Yes, it was so confusing. I lost interest then. Leviathon was boring, I remember that. I don't remember much after. I was only watching occasionally.

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The 1995 trip was a short storyline where Barnabas and Julia found the "new" house in ruins, and everyone gone save Carolyn and Stokes. Carolyn BTW was off her rocker.

My least favorite storylines were Adam, the Leviathans, and the Bramwell/lottery ones.

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21 hours ago, Hibi said:

Oh, you're talking about they Big Mansion? I thought you were talking about the Old House.

The big house in the TV series is an existing  mansion Seaview Terrace in Rhode Island.

Image result for Rhode Island mansion used in Dark Shadows

The big house  in the two 70s Dark Shadows films is Lyndhurst (below) in Tarrytown, NY... 

Image result for lyndhurst mansion

Lyndhurst was adjacent to the Spratt Estate (below) which was used as the "Old House."

Image result for Spratt Estate Tarrytown



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