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Coronavirus Epidemic


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Not to sway too far off course(as this is a serious matter for all of us) is in today's Detroit Free Press "op-ed" page, a political cartoon had the image of two police officers standing in the room of a crime scene.  In one cop's hand is a newspaper with the headline, "Corona-virus ".  On the floor of the room are one automatic pistol and two automatic assault rifles and the chalked outline indicating where two dead bodies were located.   One cop, looking at the newspaper asks, "What if  a deadly virus struck America?"  And the other cop,  looking at the chalk outlines and the guns on the floor asks, "If?"    :D 


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11 minutes ago, Princess of Tap said:

The score so far for the United States is 4 hospitalized reported cases-- 2 in LA, 1 in Washington state and 1 in Chicago.

And 3 reported hospitalized cases are in Europe-- All In France.


I talked to my wife in Italy.    The case in Bari Italy was NOT coronavirus.     She said local officials jumped the gun. 

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6 hours ago, Princess of Tap said:

*The score so far for the United States is 4 hospitalized reported cases-- 2 in LA, 1 in Washington state and 1 in Chicago.

And 3 reported hospitalized cases are in Europe-- All In France.


*The 5th case associated with the Chinese virus has been discovered in Tempe, Arizona at Arizona State University, just outside of Phoenix.

The hospitalized individual visited the Wuhan Market the first and second weeks of January.

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On 1/27/2020 at 12:24 AM, noah80 said:

I don't think doctors are calling it the Chinese virus.

I think Princess means it originates in China. I don't think she meant anything against the Chinese people.

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10 hours ago, Gershwin fan said:

I think Princess means it originates in China. I don't think she meant anything against the Chinese people.

I get my information from the French media and that's what they are calling it.  So often when I write, I just do a direct translation.

I didn't create the identification phrase.

However, I wouldn't be surprised if people start calling it The Wuhan Virus because that's where it's coming from.

I've lived through two flu epidemics that were National and worldwide--

The Asian Flu and the Hong Kong Flu.

So it's not unusual to associate an epidemic with a geographical area.

When I had the Hong Kong Flu, I thought I was going to die and I hope to never be that sick again.

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Hong Kong government officials at a press conference

This is one way to freak people out...by wearing masks during  a press conference.   Their goal to get people in Hong Kong in a  panic?  Not very responsible...

(in Hong Kong, eight cases have been confirmed)


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A deadly virus is spreading from state to state and has infected 15 million Americans so far. It's influenza

The novel coronavirus that's sickening thousands globally -- and at least five people in the US -- is inspiring countries to close their borders and Americans to buy up surgical masks quicker than major retailers can restock them.

There's another virus that has infected 15 million Americans across the country and killed more than 8,200 people this season alone. It's not a new pandemic -- it's influenza.


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It's not the flu itself that kills but the secondary infection of bacterial pneumonia,  

Should You Be Worried About the Coronavirus?



“If Americans aren’t afraid of the flu, perhaps that’s because they are inured to yearly warnings,” Ms. Sabo writes. “For them, the flu is old news. Yet viruses named after foreign places — such as Ebola, Zika and Wuhan — inspire terror.”

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I'm surprised this petition is still available online.  (note the misleading info to get people support the petition : " The coronavirus is easily spread in aggregation area, e.g. hospital, restaurants, public transportation, school etc.")


Stop the Potential spreading of the Novel coronavirus in schools of York Region, Ontario

To whom it may concern,

We are parents from schools in York Region. The recent outbreak of Coronavirus of China has progressed so quickly. After the first case was confirmed in Wuhan, China on January 12th, within only 2 weeks, the virus has reached multiple major metropolis including Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou, as well as other countries in Asia, Europe and North America. Announced news told 65 suspected and 2 confirmed cases declared in US. On Jan 25th, the breaking news of the first confirmed Coronavirus case is reported in Toronto.

You may have already been aware of the disease and its severity. However, we still have a few reasons for our kids, parents, teachers, schools and community to take extra actions on this fast spread disease:

January 25th 2020 is Chinese New Year. Traditionally large amounts of people travel nationwide or even internationally during this period to meet families and friends, which tremendously increases the chance of infection. Meanwhile, in the next few weeks, families went to China will travel back to Canada. It will definitely bring the virus into our country, and makes next 2-4 weeks being the peak time of this infectious disease transmission.

The incubation period can be as long as 17 days. In previous reports, symptoms like fever, sore throat, sneezing are marked as the indicators to isolate infected individuals. However, during the incubation period, victim of the coronavirus is still highly infective even no signs of symptoms being observed. Secondary transmission outside of China is a significant factor behind the WHO's decision to announce or not announce a global PHEIC. On January 23rd there was one secondary transmission case reported in Vietnam, which indicates that this virus is very contagious.

The coronavirus is easily spread in aggregation area, e.g. hospital, restaurants, public transportation, school etc.

York region has a large Chinese-Canadian population. There were a lot of people traveling to China before or during the Chinese New Year. We cannot be overly cautious in protecting our children.

We want to urge the following:

1. We strongly need the School board ask students and their families who travelled back from China to report to school and classroom teacher. The school should keep tracking status of the students who recently travelled to China (not just Wuhan, any city of China). Other parents of the class should have the right to know whether there are students in the class came back from China recently, and have the right to decide whether to keep their kids at home.

2. We ask that the school board send out a communication to all parents requesting students who or whose families have recently returned from China, to stay at home and keep isolated for a minimum of 17 days for the purpose of self-quarantine.

3. Allow students to wear safety equipment including respirator masks during school.

4. For the safety of children and teachers, the school and classroom teachers should advise students to strictly follow safety guidelines to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus in school. The school should advise staff to do so as well.

Please let us know your decisions. Your patience and considerations are deeply appreciated.

Signed by parents from:


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(CNN)  In western markets, shoppers can buy beef, chicken, pork, and, if they're lucky, perhaps some duck or bison.

But the options in China can be a bit more exotic.

Vendors in small city markets often sell wild animals including rodents, yak, snakes and even porcupines, and experts say that makes them far more dangerous. The meat could contain deadly pathogens like the coronavirus.

Highlighting those fears, Chinese officials announced on Sunday that the trading of wild animals would be temporarily suspended in hopes that would help contain the outbreak.


That's not to say all criticism of Chinese food is invalid; the country does have a problem with badly-regulated trade of wild animals, which has led to previous outbreaks.

The deadly 2003 outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) was traced to the civet cat, considered a delicacy in southern China. And though the government has introduced some measures limiting wildlife trade, it has been reluctant to take more aggressive action, and illegal trade continues.

It's also difficult to end these practices because of the cultural significance and prevalence of traditional Chinese medicine. Many of these wild animals are thought to hold important medicinal properties -- for instance, people drink snake soup for arthritis and snake bile for a sore throat.

There is undoubtedly a larger issue that needs to be addressed -- how the government can balance tradition with safer regulations.

But the beliefs and customs that drive consumption of these foods are centuries old and interwoven in peoples' lives -- they are not so easy to undo, even less so when they are dismissed as primitive and unclean by foreign countries.


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