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Four of my favorite soundtracks are from the movies WHITE LIGHTNING (1973), GATOR (1976), TRACKDOWN (1976), A SMALL TOWN IN TEXAS (1976).  It's no coincidence I like the scores so much; all 4 films were scored by Charles Bernstein.  Also, I do believe the song that comes on at the end of WHITE LIGHTNING called "Way Down Under" was sung by Jerry Whitman, who also sang the opening theme "In The City" or "You're In The City" at the beginning of TRACKDOWN.      

→ I ♥ the opening theme to SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES  by Marvin Hamlisch.  I go to YouTube to listen to it. 

I very much like Les Baxter's music score for THE BEAST WITHIN (1982).  Brings a sense of instant foreboding to the proceedings.

The 1970 Peter Sellers/Sinead Cusack drama HOFFMAN has a music score I fancy + the opening song as vocalized by Matt Munro.  I even bought the 45' rpm single for it.  Wasn't cheap, either.

And the theme music for the John Carpenter movies HALLOWEEN  and ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13. 

I can't help but like the cheap musical score provided by Shorty Rogers for the low-budget 1974 movie THE TEACHER with Angel Tompkins and Jay "Dennis the Menace" North.  Lounge music score extraordinaire!  And then director Howard (Hikmet) Avedis went on to make THE SPECIALIST (1975) and I liked that score, too.  With a theme song by Lou Rawls.   

And John Cacavas's score for MORTUARY (another Howard/Hikmet Avedis film).  Admittedly, Cacavas had used a very similar-sounding score for the 1981 Tv movie suspenser NO PLACE TO HIDE (aka:  "Soon, Amy, Soon").  Much like Maurice Jarré used a very similar-sounding score for RYAN'S DAUGHTER (1970) and then 1984's A PASSAGE TO INDIA. 

Can't forget NOW, VOYAGER's score, either.  

I'm sure I've left some music scores off the list above because they've temporarily slipped my mind.   Gotta think some more . . .  

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1 hour ago, Allhallowsday said:

^ JAWS is a classic soundtrack; I never listen to it and never owned it! 

best score of 1975 is all. some of the tracks are exhilarating. it is the only john Williams score that I don't think jerry goldsmith coulda matched or surpassed.


the close is serenely beautiful


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Lots of John Williams and Hollywood musicals in my collection, plus lots of movie Jazz-- ANATOMY OF A MURDER, MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM, Vince Guaraldi's PEANUTS music, etc. One I listen to all the time that I LOOOOVE is LES DEMOISELLES DE ROCHEFORT. This one is on at my house a lot.



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I only like select music within some soundtracks.  The internet made it possible to pick and choose i.e. "Spartacus"(1960).  

There was no soundtrack for "The Soldier" (1982) but there were 2 selections released recently by which I wanted.

My last Audacity recording was "Firestarter" which only had only 1 selection, Charly the Kid.  Tangerine Dream did "The Soldier" as well.

Youtube has recently prohibited downloads, can't use conversion sites.

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Then we have to decide if there'll be a distinction between "soundtrack" and "score".  As in my way of thinking, movie musicals have a "soundtrack", and all the other movies have a "score".  Going by that,   a few of my favorite movie "soundtracks" are-----





And a couple of my favorite "scores" are----



So.  Seems even YouTube doesn't make the distinction between "soundtrack" and "score".


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"It Lives Again" (1978) has no soundtrack release. I like a couple of the Bernard Harrmann scores but can't obtained them.  Did obtained "Dreamin" and "All Time Loser" by the Liverpool Express.


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