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^ In BEN HUR (1959) it's the MGM ORCHESTRA.  The LONDON SYMPHONY did a good job, and it's ROZSA's own BEN HUR SUITE... but the MGM ORCHESTRA original is better.   There were at least a few releases with a "suite" composed by ROZSA to satisfy public demand for a more "accessible" record. 

How about the soundtrack from 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY - no original music, some litigation regarding GYORGY LIGETI's compositions used without his permission (they settled)? 



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I like the opening theme song DRIFTING AND DREAMING sung by Valerie Carter in the 1975 Columbia movie WHITE LINE FEVER.  I thought the song should've been released as a single, but it does not appear to have been released at all.  It's been kindly uploaded to YouTube. 

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20 hours ago, JeanneCrain said:

I enjoy listening to silent movies. :huh:



I like some of the new scores,  examples " The Rag Man" (1925) by Linda Martinez.  Talented musician who died too young. RIP



There is an alternative new score to "Nosferatu"  (1922) which TCM haven't shown during the past 10+ years.

"Haxan" (1922)




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Allhallowsday, you are awesome. I saw the word 'soundtrack' and got really excited. In my circle there is really only one person that I know who is into soundtracks. I could go on and on on this topic.

💘 Here's a romantic one since Valentine's Day is around the corner. Does anyone like the love theme from The Lost Weekend by Miklos Rozsa?


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12 hours ago, Sepiatone said:

Then we have to decide if there'll be a distinction between "soundtrack" and "score".  As in my way of thinking, movie musicals have a "soundtrack", and all the other movies have a "score".  ..


I see your point... to an extent.  I think a soundtrack is not necessarily a score, but a score is a soundtrack.  

Now here's a masterfully compiled soundtrack pilfered from recordings in the can..."scores" from TV or other low rent films like TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE :


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