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We all have our favorites!


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Basically a game where someone posts a category (actor, actress, movie, play, tv show, etc) and the next poster puts what is their favorite of said category. Then you leave another topic for the next person to post about their favorites. Can be as vague as your favorite actor, to as specific as your favorite horror movie of 1987, and any other category relating to film/television/theatre/music that you can think of. 


- First poster: Favorite actress?

- Second poster: Natalie Wood

       Next: favorite 50s Hitchcock film





Your favorite 1950s musical?


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Depending on my mood it is either: The Blue Dahlia (1946), The Big Sleep (1946) or Laura (1944). Love the idea of The Blue Dahlia plus Alan Ladd. The Big Sleep is confusing, that each time I watch it I learn something new. Laura keeps you interested until the end. 


Next: your favorite Hitchcock female actress

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William S. Hart (does a cowboy count as drama? he did a lot of crying in his movies) because I found out when visiting his house in Santa Clarita, CA, that he was a really cool guy--did his own stunts, etc, created a wildlife refuge, and left his gorgeous house to the public with the provision that everyone could visit it for free forever. (Next time you're in LA, go see it!)



your fav Redhead

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