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22 hours ago, Allhallowsday said:

I like forgotten and overlooked records, a lot now called Garage Rock :



Back From The Grave Part 2 




A "Johnny come lately" kind of title really. You might from time to time notice, when referencing my past, I'll mention my being in a "basement band", which, in my day most high and Jr. high kids forming bands were known as due to not many homes having garages with power to them.  So all the practicing was done in the basement of whichever band member's parents were willing to put up with the noise.  ;)  FACTOID:  The MC5 started as a "basement band".  I remember me and the other guys on my block lounging on the sidewalk in front of the TOMICH'S house listening to them practice in the basement.  The drummer Denny( who later used THOMPSON as his last name) lived there. 

And RUDY'S GIRL-----  Did you mention MITCH MITCHELL?  My favorite rock drummer from that era?  :) 

And not just this solo, but his work in the Experience times.  The subtle but tricky flourishes he'd use.  And was it his, or Jimi's idea to use BRUSHES in "Up From The Skies"?  How many rock drummers tried THAT before?  ;)   And while on drummers, let's not forget the one who lost the Hendrix gig to Mitchell on a coin toss!

And then there's this guy-----


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Last night was the final broadcast of AT&T Audience channel (500). The last program shown was

Black Sabbath's final concert in February 2017. They played mostly songs from the earlier albums

with classics like Iron Man, Paranoid, and Into the Void. I was as happy as a war pig wallowing in

 the mud.

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We posted a few versions of "Rhapsody" earlier in this thread.  My contribution was the dual piano version done by the Labeque sisters. And......

  A good flapper?  ;) 


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great obscure song recorded in 66,relesed in 68 as a b-side of days -I think-was on the 2lp set KINKS Kronikles a fab comp with some rare stuff actually it will be re-released I found out today on record store day in june,this a song that the guitar sound influenced the Ramones and as fan noted it is similar to Woman from Tokyo by Deep Purple issued in 73 ! the Kinks were a fantastic band.

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From the YESSONGS album and video. My favorite version of Starship Trooper. Only the end was included in the concert video. The youtubber created a whole video using other footage from the show and the real ending. Amazing instrumental finale at 6 minutes, aaah..greqt stuff

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On 5/7/2020 at 6:15 PM, Princess of Tap said:

I think I can beat that-- or at least equal it.

 I saw The Beatles at the old Kansas City A's ballpark in 64-- the summer of " A Hard Day's Night " .

And we got a special opening song--

Paul McCartney singing

"Kansas City".

What do you think of that?


This was the unique time Kansas City was performed by The Beatles in America,never again... they played it in the UK in October-the month after-but I do not remember if it was a concert setting or a tv show, a tape of the concert you attended could be worth good money even in horrible quality !

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