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TCM's Presentation of The 'Changing of the Guard' is now on Youtube


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About 3 months ago, TCM presented the 1936 Technicolor short "The Changing of the Guard". Its now on Youtube and is in two parts. The color is great. This might give people a chance to watch it if they missed it. Also check out the musical number "I'm the Captains Kid" sung by Sybil Jason. Very nice.. Youtube has the other links, this link is for Part 1 of "The Changing of the Guard".



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That's nice to see someone giving some attention to the charming and talented Sybil Jason.


I see on TCM's November schedule that on Nov. 23 they will be showing four of her movies...and in prime time!

Dare I hope that maybe they've contacted her and will have some kind of presentation where she talks about the movies and introduces them? If not, hey TCM, how about it? She's still with us and I'm sure would be glad to do it. You still have time to arrange it before Nov. 23.

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I am getting a couple of tapes and am planning to record those movies. I have "The Singing Kid" (not listed).


We are getting something extra out of the deal, the movie "The Great O'Malley" (1937) is also one of Humphrey Bogarts rarest films.


She is a registered member on Youtube if you read the comments. The video "I'm the Captain's Kid" is perfect for stripping the audio to make an MP3 out of it. There is a Decca 78 of it along with. "Changing of the Guard" (on the flip side) but has a different sound mix. Optical recording is much *better* than 1930's record tech regardless - thank you Lee DeForest!!!


Here is a lobby still of "The Great O'Malley"




Footnote: About Lee Deforest he invented sound on film aka PhonoFilm. Here is a piece. Technically speaking the mode is called variable density. I learn about him back in the 1970's during my electronic training. He also invented the vacuum tube.



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Thanks for posting that nice picture of Sybil and her two co-stars.


I do have a couple of Sybil's Decca 78's.


In addition to Sybil's commenting on YouTube, I believe she used to post comments right here on the TCM Message Boards, usually in the Shorts forum. It would be nice to see her back on here.

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