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To TCM Web Staff...Posting Problems!

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Evidently the same posting problems that recently were disrupting the posting of a few people have now spread to affecting several of us, myself included.


Some people can't log on at all, and some of us who can get in are either getting bumped out, losing messages and/or getting messages that "the page can't be displayed" as we attempt to navigate through the forums.


To anyone having problems, please tell TCM about it in this thread (if you can) and give them as many details about your problem as you can. We need to have these problems fixed! ML

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I have been having many problems with the log-in lately as well. .......I type my password and it opens a new blank window...when I go back to the boards I am still not signed in......I repeat this a few times and suddenly at some point I am logged in!


Oh well......keep showing great movies with no commercials and I won't complain too much about this inconvenience!

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Yes ML I will let TCM know of my problems so they can be addressed though now{knock on wood } it is working. I would go between topics and the right hand corner would say my screen name and then it would say guest and this varied between forums. Which means I couldn't post where I was called a Guest and expect it to be posted. I also couldn't open this page at first today it told me the download was unsuccessful. I had the first mentioned problem yesterday 7-6-04. The server also seems slow to go from forum to forum and topic to topic. I have Earhlink so it 's not just AOL-ers with this problem. Hope you all, at TCM get this problem fixed soon and to those unable to join in we miss you...gwtwbooklover

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As I posted at another thread....I was having this problem as well...I am NOT AOL either.


When I got to the reply page, I was a guest again even though I was logged in.


I clicked "refresh" and I was logged in and could post. Try clicking refresh when this happens. It doesn't always work, and it isn't a permanent fix, but it might get you through until TCM fixes the problem....which of course will turn out to be the fault of someone else...it always is in computerland.

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Though I haven't been posting much lately, I've also noticed the major log-in and posting problems with these boards. I used to post on another board that used the same AOL-based forum provider as this, and they also had severe and very frustrating problems. That site ended up changing forum providers, and for the better. I'm sure we're stuck with this system at this site, so please fix it!!!

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A PS from me, too....I'm also having the Logged In one minute and then bumped out to being a Guest the next, and very slow download of pages in the Forums is what will eventually give me that "the page cannot be found" message. I've been using my "back" button, but will try the suggestion to use my "refresh" button instead. I'm another who is not using AOL.


The odd thing is that this happens only sometimes, and at other times of the day, I have no problems at all. ML


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This is getting me madder. With other sites, if one doesn't shut down the browser, the log-in remains. NOT with TCM.


tcmprogrammer, what gives? Is there a feedback function...no, I haven't seen one...where all the complaints about this despicable log-in system can be directed?


It is completely ridiculous and unwarranted. I KNOW it's all about money, I work for a money-centric corporation, and they don't GET more money-centric than Time Warner. Are we not providing enough return for the thought of money output in system upgrade? Is THAT what it is?


We're giving TCM 'eyeballs', aren't we? Don't they get advertising based on 'eyeballs'?




And now I start the cycle....you're logged in, you're not logged in, you're not permitted that as a guest, blah, blah, blah, et cetera, et cetera.


Come on, you geniuses in Time Warner, get your act together. Hmmmm, perhaps a boycott of all things Time Warner? How would THAT grab your little purse strings?

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O.K., it just happened to me. I had been composing a post and was suddenly logged out (I guess I took too long). I then couldn't get back in till I dumped my cookies and logged in again. FYI ... FWIW

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Our technical department has already looked into this issue from last week and it has been resolved. If you should have anymore technical difficulties with the website or the messageboards, please go to the feedback section of our website instead of posting on the messageboards: http://www.turnerclassicmovies.com/feedback and send your issues in via the webform. Please be as DETAILED as possible and we will help the best way we can with the information provided to us.





[Edited by: tcmweb on Jul 12, 2004 5:31 PM]

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Nice try. Nope, I won't go to an individual notification site, since this is a problem AFFECTING THE ENTIRE MESSAGE BOARD.


The problem, in a word? It take 1001 clicks to log in, another 1001 clicks on the 'reply' button to a message to bring up a reply form that DOESN'T say: YOU ARE A GUEST AND ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO PERFORM THAT FUNCTION, and ANOTHER 1001 clicks to actually get the message THROUGH.


How's that? Are we clear on the problem? I believe the problem is with whomever you are paying to supply this board format. They are using two cans and a string, and two chimps are at the controls.


SO, why don't YOU let us know via this message board when you REALLY have the problem fixed?


Thanks so much.


I realize this board is free, but we PAY for the privilege of accessing your station, so we ARE paying customers after all, aren't we?


Finally, is customer satisfaction of any importance to you?

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We are continuing to look into the logging out problems and address everyone's concerns - we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. If you could please visit our feedback section and detail what problems occur, this will be extremely helpful to our technical staff (less any berating comments is appreciated, but not necessary). Nothing suspicious here - it's just that our feedback system can quickly relay issues to the people who can solve them. It would be helpful for our staff to know:


-are you on a high-speed connection or dial-up?

-are you logged-in or a guest

-are you on a PC or a Macintosh

-what is the problem and how often does it occur


We are checking the system here - but your help is genuinely appreciated. In the future, we will instruct users on the main Message Boards page to go to our feedback section in the event of any problems.


As for the boards and the number of clicks it may take to post messages, we are confined by software we currently use. Because of some user complaints, TCM will be investigating a different log-in and user sign-up, so we hope this will alleviate some of the burden in the initial sign-up and create an easier sign-in process.


Thanks again for your communications and patience.

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