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Rudy's Girl

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6 hours ago, MovieCollectorOH said:

This is the stuff of rite-of-initiation for new hires.

"Umm Go to parts and get me some fallopian tubing"

A little fuzzy of my acquaintance likes to tell of leading an engineer into searching tool catalogs for metric Vise-Grips. He also tells of suggesting two engineers use a magnetic pick-up tool to retrieve a brass hammer which had fallen into an oil sump. 

Many people do not believe or understand that there are metric screwdrivers. The standard sizes in both Imperial and Metric use an ideal ratio of blade width to thickness and then round the measurements to the nearest even unit. It is not important for most work but it can be a significant difference when working with small, precision brass screws or nylon screws because using the wrong one does not fill the slot properly and can easily lead to damaging the slot.

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Funny to me

Uber Eats commercial featuring Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamill ????  I actually had to look it up to see what it was referencing, it didn't help that I didn't recognize Hamill, from Star Wars at all, so its Star Trek vs Star Wars. 

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