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5 hours ago, hamradio said:

Make your house ugly again?



I had to enclosed my Directv power injector coupler last year after idiot installer didn't use one.







I'm surprised they put the big splitter outdoors.  We just have a grounding block outside.  One for Directv and one for Cable (internet).  They put the rest of that stuff in the house, on the floor behind the TV.  Nevertheless I check all the grounding connections once or twice a year.  In addition I put redundant grounding blocks inside the house, in the basement and ran heavy gauge grounding wire back the the main ground wire just outside the main breaker panel also in the basement.  This is just in case the ones outdoors get corroded.  The grounding block for Cable, in particular, has been covered up by the vinyl siding for a number of years, so I have no idea what condition that is in - I just have to assume it has no grounding capability whatsoever anymore.  It is amazing what different disciplines of home improvement will do to each other's work, in the name of "making it look nice".

In addition to that, I also screwed a gas discharge surge arrestor on each of the indoor grounding blocks.  These are little inline barrels that the signal normally passes through, but it gets shunted to ground if the voltage exceeds a safe level.  Here is a link to one of those.


Yes I'm a bit of a grounding freak.  😁


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I live down in a valley away from any worries about lightning strikes, have to climb the hill 2/3rds of the way up before encountering any trees that were  hit.

I only use a separate  copper ground rod for better radio reception and transmission.

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Sounds good.  We have a lot of trees, so direct strikes in the area are rare for us too.  It is much more common for us to get surges over the utility lines, from distant lightning strikes.

Also I should mention I put a whole house surge protector on the main breaker panel, which individually shunts the two different hots to ground - whatever exceeds 150v .  There is visual evidence that works, as I can tell it has stabilized the home lighting.

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