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18 hours ago, SansFin said:


The earliest open mic  (learned from an old 1970's Blooper LP ad) was from a 1930's children's show on radio.  The announcer not knowing the mic was on said...Good that ought hold the little bastards. 


Wish I were many flies on many walls for that one! :lol:

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Regarding "Voyage To The Bottom of The Sea - Monster From Outer Space" (1965), the next time the crew encounters this...



...just stick it with a pin.  It's made EXACTLY like...



Can clearly see the seams! (not to mention air being pumped into it!) :wacko::lol:


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vttbots - the monster from outer space is a favorite episode to me.

so much attention to detail with a nelson decontamination procedure with acid foam and ultraviolet light.

better direction than usual too because crane and crew are out to just plain murder nelson and sharkey.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 2x13 The Monster from Outer Space - ShareTV

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a great kill scene that hadda lotta potential is when vaughn taylor pushes eli wallach too far in The Lineup.

a syndicate assassin gets in dutch with the big boys and poor wallach is begging taylor for a break...

but before wallach explodes some dialogue coulda made the scene hilarious...

"ah but you're forgetting something."

"and what's that?"

"you're a guy who's helpless in a wheelchair and I'M A PSYCHOPATHIC KILLER!!!


pass that on to the big boys for me, will you?"


The Lineup (1958) Vaughn Taylor/Eli Wallach scene 2 - YouTube


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21 hours ago, hamradio said:

Cookie reminded me more of the raid scene in "Django Unchained"



Looks like the ONLY Trump rally that wasn't a "superspreader".  Either that or MM's family reunion.  ;) 


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