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On 2/23/2021 at 10:54 AM, Sepiatone said:

Having spent a lot of time dealing with engineers as part of the launching crew of GM's Northstar engine project in the '90's,  I've dealt with a lot of that.  ;) 


A little fuzzy of my acquaintance began a lucrative freelance writing career by translating engineering reports into understandable English for a regional utility. His pinnacle achievement was turning a forty-six page quarterly report with sixteen charts into a three page report with one chart which contained all the information which the board of directors wanted and needed to know. 

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15 hours ago, SansFin said:

I have heard the botanical version: you can lead a horticulture but you can not make her think. 

Yeah, love that DOROTHY PARKER!  :D   Good story  about her....

As she was leaving the Algonquin Hotel one evening( after one of those famed "round table" sessions) she got to the door at the very same time another lady did.  And that lady, trying to be "cute", stepped aside and motioned Ms. Parker to go through and said, "Age before beauty."  Without a blink nor missing a beat, Parker walked out the door saying, "Pearls before swine."  :lol:

I've kept that in my banks and have had a few opportunities to use it.  ;) 


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