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A seven year old story I found on reddit, but still funny

"I was a junior in high school. I was walking with a friend to our fourth period class, when we noticed that the campus was littered with flyers. Which is slightly unusual, sure, but nothing too weird, right? It wasn't until a flyer smacked me in the face that we realized that they were falling from the sky. We looked up and, lo and behold, there's a... flying... contraption... thing. Like a lawn chair strapped to a fan with a paragliding sail.

And astride it, circling above our campus, was a man, screaming about the apocalypse and the Matrix and abortion. Every few seconds he could reach into his backpack, grab a handful of flyers, and toss them down at the students now congregating in confusion. But the fourth or fifth time we watched him reach for his flyers, his hand went a little too far and caught on the large fan that was attached to the back of his DIY flying machine. Instantly we see a burst of red as his fingers are sliced off by the blades. He starts screaming and loses control of the machine, violently jerking back and forth until he flies directly into the chain link fence of the football field. Teachers began to usher students into class under threat of expulsion, and police showed up a few minutes later. The football team had to fan out shoulder-to-shoulder later that day to try to find the dude's severed fingers.

Turns out crazy guy was a student's father. She never talked about it, and I haven't seen her since I graduated almost a decade ago. Still feel bad for her."

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T ****..






    "They Were Just Hugging and Kissing .." ...





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