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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - 1921 Music by Carl Davis


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I requested help from TCM,  given that they had broadcast this version regarding the DVD version of this silent film. They surprisingly could not!  This restored version was produced in 1993 by Brownlow/ Gill, and featured musical score composed and performed by Carl Davis. When I looked into Shop TCM, I located a version which featured cover artwork of the DVD that features music by Keith Taylor. I've listened to his score and prefer Carl Davis' version. When looking at Shop TCM's version, it indicates that their product is 'Manufactured on Demand' by Reel Vault and released 5-15-2017. I'm just not sure if it is the same (Brownlow/Gill restored) version  as broadcast by TCM and just using the other cover artwork featuring Keith Taylor's musical score.  Can anyone help with information on how to find the restored version by Brownlow/ Gill or does this one that Shop TCM offers actually what I am looking for? I've searched elsewhere but cannot find it. Thanks much for any help!

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I finally tracked down a contact in the UK by the name of Patrick Stanbury who works at Photoplay productions Ltd. , to enquire about the version listed above with music by Carl Davis.

His reply regarding the possible availability was;

- - Thank you for your enquiry. I am afraid the answer is 'no'. The only home video edition of our restoration of Four Horsemen was as a shortly lived release on laser disc a long time agpo. This was so briefly available that we did not hear about it till well after the event, and have never seen a copy. We live in hope that one day we might have a chance to revisit the project to make a Bluray version, but at the moment that is just a dream.

Kind regards

Patrick Stanbury

Photoplay Productions Ltd


Hopefully that version will become available sometime in the future as it's clearly superior to what's currently offered with Keith Taylor's music. I'm sure there would have to be popular demand for it, so if you see it played again on TCM and appreciate the musical score, send a request to Photoplay Productions Ltd in the UK.

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Here is the Turner Entertainment version with Carl Davis' score on the Russian social network site Odnoklassniki (OK).


Until this version of The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse is available on "physical media" -- if ever -- you can at least enjoy it on OK.

Five years ago, budding film editor "Alderaan/Jijenji" wanted to "improve the pacing and tempo of the film in order to make it more accessible to modern audiences." The status of his project is "unfinished."


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