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Brad Dillman and Suzy Parker

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Welcome to the boards, Dinah!

With your background, it sounds as if you'd be a very good choice to be a TCM guest programmer, and especially of course for any films starring either of your famous and beautiful parents.

Hope to see you doing just this some day soon. If I had any pull around this place, I'd certainly help make it happen, anyway.

(...btw, I can't resist asking the following here: Do YOU look just like Number-12 TOO?...I'm sure you caught the reference here, didn't ya...probably heard this one more than a few times, haven't ya) ;) 


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Dinah Dillman, I was a tremendous fan of your father's career! I have often said that I was shocked he didn't become a bigger star (although working constantly for 35-40 years had to be some consolation!) As for your mother, it appears that she was a supermodel well before that concept existed in pop culture! She was, obviously, stunningly gorgeous!

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On 3/8/2020 at 6:32 PM, Dinah Dillman Kaufman said:

I am a huge fan of TCM and the daughter of Suzy Parker and Brad Dillman. I would love to be a guest programmer on the show and talk about their films. How can I make this dream come true?




Dinah Dillman Kaufman

I'm a member of TCM's   inner circle and I passed along your message.

I'm a nobody (really I don't know why I was selected for the inner circle),    so please don't assume my sending that e-mail will make a difference).

I first notice your father in Compulsion.     Fine actor,  as well as your mother in The Best of Everything.


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I'm a friend of Lynda Day George, who knew your Dad, Bradford Dillman, and I wrote a book on "FEAR NO EVIL" (Universal/NBCTV-first broadcast on March 3, 1969)-the very first feature supernatural thriller on tv. It starred Louis Jourdan, Lynda, your Dad, Carroll O'Connor, Marsha Hunt and Wilfrid Hyde-White. Directed by Paul Wendkos. My understanding it is coming out on Bluray next year sometime! Your Dad was great in this film!!!








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I recently saw Bradford Dillman in an ep of Barnaby Jones, he played a psychotic bigamist and Barnaby trips him up at the airport with Betty pretending to be his latest victim.

few actors had the ability to spin out of control in that kind of a role than the Great Brad Dillman.

I always thought your father looked a lot like Ben Gazzara.


here he is playing frances of asissi with Dolores Hart.

Dolores Hart with Bradford Dillman in a scene from the film 'Francis Of  Assisi', 1961 â Bygonely



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