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COVID-19 quarantine reactions/ coping......

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Tale of Two Cities Redux: HK to Ease its COVID-19 Restrictions, While NYC Situation Remains Dire

By Jerri-Lynn Scofield, who has worked as a securities lawyer and a derivatives trader. She is currently writing a book about textile artisans.

Hong Kong hasn’t recorded a new local case of COVID -19, since April 19 – although today, it recorded one new infection, a person residing in the United States who returned to the city Monday, and is no longer showing symptoms, according to the South China Morning Post,Coronavirus: Hong Kong records one new case, imported from the US, as city eyes easing of social-distancing rules.

The city is now mulling easing its social distancing rules, after logging 1040 cases, and 4 deaths.

Hong Kong is one of the world’s most densely populated cities, with a population of roughly 7.5 million people, and is adjacent to mainland China, the place where COVID-19 originated..

Compare Hong Kong’s record with that of another densely populated city of roughly the same size, with 8.5 million residents: New York. There, the city is nowhere near being able to lift its lockdown, and has logged 168,845 cases and 18,706 deaths in the city itself – and those numbers are still climbing. (To sharpen the comparison between the two places, I’m only including cases in the five boroughs, and not including any cases in the greater NYC metropolitan area, including NJ, nor in NY state.)

What Hong Kong Did

I wrote about the different preparations the two cities making taking to the COVID-19 pandemic in March in A Tale of Two Cities: How Hong Kong Has Controlled its Coronavirus Outbreak, While New York City Scrambles. I spoke then to my old Oxford friend, Dr. Sarah Borwein, a Canadian-trained doctor who has practiced medicine in Hong kong for more than fifteeen years. Before that,  she successfully ran the Infection Control program for the only expatriate hospital in Beijing during the SARS period.  (For a fuller account of her career and her thoughts in March,  see this interview in AD MediLink, Exclusive Interview on COVID-19 with SARS Veteran Dr. Sarah Borwein.)

I checked back in with Sarah recently, to get her latest thoughts on the COVID-19 crisis, especially in Hong Kong but also in the rest of the world. In April, she  updated her AD Medilink interview, Exclusive Interview on COVID-19 with SARS Veteran Dr. Sarah Borwein (Updated), which ]I will draw upon that extensively in this post. I’ll only be able to touch on some of the points she made there, so I encourage interested readers to read the full interview: not long, clearly expressed, and certainly worth your time.

Hong Kong initially took aggressive measures in response to the initial outbreak of COVID-19, and seemed to have managed to shut it down. But then, it was faced with a second wave of COVID-19 cases, as Sarah discussed in her April AD MediLink update:

In response, Hong Kong took aggressive measures, basically shutting down international arrivals and enforcing mandatory testing and quarantine for all those who do enter, as well as more stringent social distancing measures, a ban on public gatherings of more than 4 people and closing many venues such as bars and sports clubs. The new case numbers have started to decline again. Fingers crossed, but perhaps we are gaining some control over this second wave. It is too early, however, to relax our guard, as it will take a few weeks to be sure there isn’t disease percolating quietly in the community.

Our second wave was largely unleashed by returning Hong Kongers and expatriates coming home. In part, this was because they felt safer here, due to Hong Kong’s initial success in managing the epidemic. This has caused some problems, but is also a testament to the fact that there is benefit to being in a place that not only has know-how and resolve, but also has been tested before.

Between that first and second wave, the epicenter of the disease shifted from China, to Europe the UK, and the United States.

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29 minutes ago, hamradio said:

Need to give them life without mercy! 


5 hours ago, jakeem said:


NEW: Colorado man arrested after federal agents allegedly discovered pipe bombs in his home had also been helping organize an armed protest demanding the state lift its coronavirus restrictions, an official briefed on the case tells @ABC News.
12:22 PM · May 4, 2020·SocialFlow


5 hours ago, jakeem said:


periodic reminder that the president of the United States regularly encourages his supporters to use violence for political ends (also known as "terrorism") and I don't believe any member of Congress or newspaper has called for his resignation over it.
5:40 PM · May 4, 2020·Twitter Web App

trump's Twitter "liberate" America tweets against the state governors stay-at-home executive orders may be encouraging some people to take matters into their own hands and may result in some violent results.

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Opposition to reopening among Americans in new WaPo/U.Md. poll:
82% movie theaters
78% gyms
74% dine-in restaurants
70% gun stores
69% barber shops/hair salons
consistently struck by how the vast majority of the american public understands the seriousness of this crisis
in a way that the president of the united states and his political party simply don’t.
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"Coronavirus in America now looks like this:
More than a month has passed since there was a day with fewer than 1k deaths.
Almost every day, at least 25k new cases are identified,
meaning that the total caseload is expanding by between 2-4% percent daily."
"Rural towns that a month ago were unscathed are now hot spots.
It is rampaging through nursing homes, meatpacking plants, prisons.
Outbreaks keep emerging in grocery stores, Walmarts, factories
-- an ominous harbinger of what a full reopening will bring."
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Coronavirus Illinois: Gov. Pritzker reveals 'Restore Illinois' plan to reopen state as total COVID-19 cases near 66K with 2.8K fatalities

Illinois reports highest daily COVID-19 death toll since crisis began

The COVID-19 daily death toll in Illinois dropped to its lowest number since mid-April on Monday.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Gov. JB Pritzker unveiled his new plan to reopen Illinois on Tuesday as health officials reported the highest number of COVID-19 deaths in a 24-hour period since the outbreak began.

Health officials announced 2,122 new cases of COVID-19 in Illinois, including 176 additional deaths, on Tuesday, bringing Illinois' statewide total of coronavirus cases to 65,962, including a total of 2,838 deaths.

Coronavirus in Illinois: Latest news on COVID-19 cases, Chicago area impact

Illinois's spike in COVID-19 deaths comes a day after health officials reported the lowest daily death totals since April 19, with 46 fatalities reported on Monday.



Gov. Pritzker detailed a five-phase reopening plan for four Illinois regions: Northeast, North Central, Central, and South. Each region is able to move through phases separately. During these phases, face coverings and social distancing rules apply.

The state started in Phase 1, which is where the state was until April 30. More than six weeks into the stay-at-home order, Illinois is currently in Phase 2, with garden centers and nurseries now open, non-essential retail open for pickup and delivery and golf, boating, and fishing allowed with strict rules.



"Over the next few weeks, we'll be able to move to Phase 3," Pritzker said.

To get to Phase 3, officials said infection rates, hospitalizations and demand for ICU beds must be stable or declining. If that occurs, manufacturing, offices, hair salons and all retail can open. Additionally, all gatherings of 10 people or less, not just essential ones, will be allowed.

READ: Gov. JB Pritzker's full 'Restore Illinois' plan

Based on current data and benchmarks, how soon could we get there?

"The earliest that a region can move to phase three is May 29," Pritzker said.

Getting to Phase 4 will require a continued decline in infection rates and hospitalizations, which would allow restaurants and bars, child care and schools to reopen under strict safety guidelines. Gatherings of up to 50 would also be allowed.

Finally, Phase 5 would mean a full lifting of restrictions. To get there, officials say likely requires a treatment or vaccine..........


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Policing Is Changing In The Age of Social Distancing-

".........Police departments across the country are facing a new reality in the era of coronavirus. As familiar categories of crime fade, officers are being asked to handle unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable new assignments.

In some cities, police are being asked to start enforcing social distancing rules. Over the weekend, Chicago police located and broke up house parties, while the New York Police Department sent 1,000 officers out on "social distancing patrols."

This mostly means having officers walk through public spaces, reminding people to stay 6 feet apart. But there have been some complaints about inequitable enforcement,.........

Police generally dislike doing social distancing duty. "That's not why we got into this profession," says Capt. Tom Shaffer of the Omaha Police Department. "I can speak for all nearly thousand sworn law enforcement officers here: Nobody became a cop so they could go to a bar and grill and say 'You've got 11 people here, you've got to send one home.'"


He's more focused on holding the lid down on an increase in felony assaults and a near-doubling of detected gunshots in a higher-crime part of the city, which coincided with March social distancing orders...........


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2 Utah County businesses told staff to ignore COVID-19 guidelines, resulting in 68 positive cases

........“During the tracing contacts conducted by the Utah County Health Department and Utah Department of Health, we found these businesses instructed employees to not follow quarantine guidelines after exposure to a confirmed case at work

and required employees with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis to still report to work,” the statement said.

“This is completely unacceptable and resulted in a temporary full closure for one business along with heightened requirements for future cleaning and inspections.” ...........

County executives criticized these businesses and others that failed to follow guidelines for “putting employees, their families and ultimately the health of the community at risk,” adding that employers that don’t follow best practices also “jeopardize Utah County efforts to reopen businesses affected by the pandemic.”..............




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Some states are allowing movie theaters to reopen, but will they?
The big chains say no.
Many local, independent theaters also say no.
But some are finding ways to get creative — including putting together pop-up drive-in theaters.
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2 hours ago, mr6666 said:

Some states are allowing movie theaters to reopen, but will they?


In San Antonio, however, Santikos Entertainment will open three of its nine locations on Saturday, making it one of the first operators in the nation to open its doors. The chain will screen Universal’s “Trolls World Tour,” which has been playing at drive-ins and on VOD for $19.99, as well as several other films, like “The Hunt,” that came out just before the shutdown.

“We’re operating more for psychological value than net income,” says CEO Tim Handren. “That’s what theaters are for — an escape. We’re going to provide that escape.”


who wouldn't risk their health/life to see 'Troll's World Tour' 🙄

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Trump administration buries detailed CDC advice on reopening...............
THREAD: The Trump administration has shelved a CDC document offering detailed guidance to local authorities on reopening the economy. The document obtained by

was prepared by top disease investigators at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention........

It has been the CDC’s role during previous health crises to give the public and local officials guidance and science-based information.

The Trump administration has instead sought to put the onus on states to handle the COVID-19 response.



YAY.......more CHAOS

(w/a side order of deflection)



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Store workers across the country are suddenly being asked to enforce the rules that govern shopping during the coronavirus pandemic.
It's a tension-filled role for which most of them have received little or no training.
-nah, .......no chaotic mess coming here
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Off-duty officer in Alabama body slams Walmart shopper irate over face mask rule

The officer used a “takedown measure” to gain control of the woman because of “other threat factors in the store,” a police official said.


-nah, .......no chaotic mess coming here


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Nurses protest for personal protective equipment outside White House: "You throw us to the wolves"
Nurses protest for PPE outside White House: 'You throw us to the wolves'
© Getty Images

Nurses protested outside the White House on Thursday over a lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) for health care workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Nurses with the union National Nurses United stood outside the White House alongside pairs of empty shoes lined up to represent the nurses who died due to “insufficient PPE” during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"You talk about how essential, how needed, how grateful you are, and yet you throw us to the wolves,” Jean Ross, president of National Nurses United, told CNN in an interview. “You throw us out onto a battlefield without armor and the more we complain we don't see anything being done.” 

During the demonstration, the nurses protesting read the names of 88 nurses who died, .........
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Frontier Airlines will be taking temperatures of passengers, before they are allowed to board. The temperature must be below 100.4.  A nice gesture, but what good is that? The temperature requirement should be much lower than that.

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