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COVID-19 quarantine reactions/ coping......

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YouTube temporarily suspends OANN account after spreading coronavirus misinformation

..........The weeklong suspension is the result of a “strike” issued for saying that there is a guaranteed cure for COVID-19, a claim that runs afoul of YouTube’s coronavirus-specific policy.......

The channel has been criticized for spreading myriad lies about the pandemic and the election. 

False claims about the result of the election are not explicitly banned by the video-sharing platform's policies.,,,,,



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How Your Brain Tricks You Into Taking Risks During the Pandemic

Experts who study the way we think and make decisions say that it can be more than politics driving our decision-making this year.

The unprecedented nature of the pandemic undermines how we process information and assess risk.

Need proof? Look around.........

"..........Poker players, along with folks like meteorologists, horse race handicappers and lawyers who work on a contingency basis are routinely rewarded or punished based on the odds.

This gives them a rare visceral, experiential understanding of percentages and lets them short-circuit a cognitive effect called the “description-experience gap,” which leads people to underestimate risk based on their own personal experiences..........

"........public health officials in the United States were slow to sound an alarm. “People have trouble recognizing when they’re facing a catastrophic threat and on the other hand they exaggerate minor threats,” Toner said. “We needed messaging from the top of the government that says this is a serious threat.”

“Until you hear the message from somebody who is in a position of authority, I think there is a tendency to really want to not believe it. People don’t want to believe really bad news.”......




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