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COVID-19 quarantine reactions/ coping......

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As Coronavirus Pandemic Erupts in Cities, Rural America Braces for Impact

“Our town thrives on people coming to town, and for the first time in our history we are discouraging visitors,” the Ketchum, Idaho mayor said.

"We’ve gone from being a vibrant town to a ghost town.”


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7 minutes ago, jakeem said:


I hear that Fake News CNN just reported that I am isolated in the White House, wondering out loud, “when will life return to normal?” Does anybody really believe that? There was no leak, they made it up – they are CORRUPT & FAKE NEWS. I have been packed all day with meetings, I have no time for stupidity. We’re working around the clock to KEEP AMERICA SAFE!
5:41 PM · Mar 25, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

Senior citizen in DC office.....

seeks to reassure concerned associates they don't need to get the media involved because he's okay and working during this coronavirus pandemic.

Because he's not freaking out and is relaxing by communicating with others on his Twitter account.

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OP: Fighting coronavirus: U.S. military could help more

if Trump wasn't commander in chief

If we mobilize the national security infrastructure in a sustained way — not the president's '15 day' magical plan — we can surely save thousands of lives.
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Coronavirus: The Jonathan Swift Solution

"You may recall Jonathan Swift’s bitterly satirical “Modest Proposal” mocking English heartlessness during the Irish famine of 1729, proposing that the Irish should sell their babies as food. Donald Trump and The Wall Street Journal are today’s contenders for a Jonathan Swift Award.

The Journal, egged on by Wall Street worthies panicked about losing their shirts, has been arguing that it’s better to lose a few million people than to damage the economy. I counted five columns or articles making variants of this argument in today’s Journal alone.

One piece argues that the fatality rate is exaggerated—better for everyone to just catch the virus and get it over with. According to the WHO and the CDC, this contention is total hooey.

Another calls for a much more relaxed form of sheltering in place, ignoring the fact that the only way we have for hospitals to catch up with the escalating pandemic is to “flatten the curve” and slow down the spread.

The most appalling of these Swifties is columnist Holman Jenkins, who advocates just letting more people die. Jenkins even invokes long-discredited cost-benefit measures that value a rich person’s life more than a poor person’s and the young more than the old. (Why not just shut down Medicare? We all eventually die and the elderly die sooner.)  ........

As disgusting as these modest proposals are, they overlook one plain fact. If everyone gets sick, we don’t have much of an economy. .............



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1 hour ago, mr6666 said:
Just reported that the United States has done far more “testing” than any other nation, by far!
In fact, over an eight day span, the United States now does more testing than what South Korea (which has been a very successful tester) does over an eight week span. Great job!
Replying to
This sounds like North Korean propaganda.
Only the rich and famous have been tested in America
while the middle class are told to meet very stringent CDC criteria for testing
and the poor, the homeless, and the uninsured are told to go away and die on the streets like animals.


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‘One Warning’: Read Lightfoot, Beck’s Full Address on How Chicago Police Will Enforce Stay-at-Home Order
".........You cannot go on long bike rides, walks, runs along the lakefront where you're going to be congregating with lots of other people. The same applies to neighborhood parks, and particularly playgrounds. The playgrounds under Gov. Pritzker’s orders are shut down, folks. Please, you must abide by the order.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to congregate and do not let the warming weather let your guard slip, like today. Now, Supt. Beck will speak on this in a moment.

But not only will our police and public safety officers be deployed to shut down large gatherings, if we have to, because you are not educating yourself into compliance. And if you are not abiding by these very clear but necessary stay-at-home orders, we will be forced to shut down our parks and the entire lakefront if people continue to flout the social distancing guidelines. ............


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How Small Businesses Across Chicago Area Generate Revenue Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

"...........In nearby Glen Ellyn, the village amended its laws to allow businesses like the Common Good Cocktail House to sell alcoholic drinks curb side.

“It’s given us an opportunity to be here and support the community as well and to give people that minute or two of normalcy,” said co-owner Mike Melazzo.

Downers Grove restaurant owner Danny Glover said the catering part of his business, Skuddlebutts, is taking a hit as people stay at home. But he partnered with the owners of two other local restaurants, The Foxtail and Pierce Tavern, to sell $100 gift cards valued at $150.

“It gives us the necessary cash now to operate and keep our employees busy,” Glover said.  ..........



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Italian doctors urge the U.S. to learn from their country’s mistakes

".........Now, with experience that we have in Italy, you really need to bring the place to a standstill.

Nobody moves for three to four weeks,

and you do tests, as many as possible, around the place where the cluster has appeared. There's no other way.........

Nobody has ever won a war by building more hospitals. You have to build more weapons. And I think the weapon to win in epidemics are measure of

containment and surveillance and tracing. ........"




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Giorgio Agamben, “The state of exception provoked by an unmotivated emergency”

This is a translation of an article that first appeared as “Lo stato d’eccezione provocato da un’emergenza immotivata,” in il manifesto, 26 Feb, 2020.

In order to make sense of the frantic, irrational, and absolutely unwarranted emergency measures adopted for a supposed epidemic of coronavirus, we must begin from the declaration of the Italian National Research Council (NRC), according to which “there is no SARS-CoV2 epidemic in Italy.”

It continues: in any case “the infection, according to the epidemiological data available as of today and based on tens of thousands of cases, causes light/moderate symptoms (a variant of flu) in 80-90% of cases. In 10-15%, there is a chance of pneumonia, but which also has a benign outcome in the large majority of cases. We estimate that only 4% of patients require intensive therapy.”

If this is the real situation, why do the media and the authorities do their utmost to create a climate of panic, thus provoking a true state of exception, with severe limitations on movement and the suspension of daily life and work activities for entire regions?

Two factors can help explain such a disproportionate response.

First and foremost, what is once again manifest here is the growing tendency to use the state of exception as a normal governing paradigm. The executive decree (decreto legge), approved by the government “for reasons of hygiene and public safety,” produces a real militarization “of those municipalities and areas in which there is at least one person who tests positive and for whom the source of the infection is unknown, or in which there is a least one case that is not connected to a person who recently traveled from an area affected by the contagion.”

Such a vague and indeterminate formula will allow [the government] to rapidly extend the state of exception to all regions, as it is practically impossible that other cases will not appear elsewhere.

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12 hours ago, speedracer5 said:

After this is all over, if I ever hear the phrase "social distancing" again, it'll be too soon.

One reason why you hear it so much is because so few are actually doing it in many areas of the US.

Actually, I think the disappearance of hand shaking, hugging, etc. would probably be a good thing.  Elbow and foot bumping are silly!

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FACT CHECK: Testing Should Take Place Wherever There Are Cases, Despite Trump's View

"..........there is a vital need to test aggressively wherever the disease is spreading. That includes testing close contacts of those known to be ill, as well as broad testing in areas where the disease is spreading through the community and health officials are not sure of the source.

The president talks frequently about letting certain parts of the country get back to work. But if that is allowed to happen when the number of cases is still growing, those communities could well find themselves in the same situation as New York, Washington and parts of the San Francisco Bay Area, where the disease continues to spread. .........


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