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♠ Actors whose movies you collect ♠

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5 minutes ago, Terrence1 said:

She is quite good in both of those movies, TB.  Capra loved working with her  and she always felt that "Ladies of Leisure" was her first opportunity to prove that she really could act.

Yes, she's fantastic in it. I've only ever seen it once, long ago on TCM, but I still have a vivid recollection of it. I think it was the movie that made her a star with audiences. It was like her third movie, I believe. From this point on, she was a household name.

THE MIRACLE WOMAN (1931) is another good Stanwyck-Capra collaboration that TCM should air again.

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On 3/24/2020 at 10:38 AM, Sepiatone said:

The only actors I "collect" mainly  are---




As what they did left(for me) most of their filmography "collectable" in my estimation.  Otherwise, if I have more of some particular actor's movies than another's it's because they probably made MORE MOVIES that I like than anyone else.   Same with actresses. 


This is my experience too.  

I tend to collect  comic actors.  With the exception of lost films, my LAUREL & HARDY and MARX BROTHERS collections are complete.  For BUSTER KEATON, I have all his silents,  and for his sound era, I have his short films from Educational and Columbia, and a couple of his MGM talkies.  I also collect W.C. FIELDS, and CHARLEY CHASE.   ALFRED HITCHCOCK would be the only director I would say I collect. 

I do have quite a few films from HUMPHREY BOGART, and JIMMY STEWART in my collection,  but I wouldn't say I consciously collect them. I just happen to like a lot of films that they were in.

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18 hours ago, Sukhov said:

I've officially collected every film directed by Graham Coleman. I think that's about it.


True Coleman fans would have also collected his acting debut in the short film, KEEP GOING (2013).  I vaguely remember the trade papers at the time hailing Coleman as the comeback kid.  Unfortunately, he didn't take the title of the film to heart, but fans are still awaiting his next film project.

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None really.  I collect movies that I like and sometimes I will have several with the same actor.  The Thin Man series, The Saint and The Falcon series, Nancy Drew and so forth.

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I collect the movies of James Cagney. That is pretty easy because A. Cagney did not have a silent film career. B. He retired in 1961 and only did two other feature film appearances after that. I actually do have all of his feature  films except "Never Steal Anything Small". I hear it is not very good, but then I am a completist. Warner Bros. has lost the rights to three of his films - Come Fill The Cup (1952),  Ceiling  Zero (1936) and Angels With Dirty Faces (1939), so they are out of print. I have copies off of TV broadcasts of the first two, and I have the DVD of Dirty Faces that WB put out when they still had rights to the film.  I do not have his TV appearances or the films where he is just the narrator.

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