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Suggestions for next "Summer Under the Stars"


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I always look forward to finding out who's going to be saluted in August for TCM's "Summer Under the Stars" (I usually first find out in the promos shown in between movies or else in "ReMind Magazine", which includes the entire TCM schedule for the month), especially if certain stars that have never been saluted thus far or even no more than just once are featured.  It's also really exciting if they include stars from those movie studios that have produced films that TCM doesn't often show (Paramount, Universal, 20th Century Fox or any independent or international studio), as well as those  who are often overlooked, or even character actors in supporting roles. 

I have narrowed down as many stars I could think of so far that I would really love to see saluted for this upcoming "Summer Under the Stars".  If anyone would like to contribute by adding other names, please feel free to do so.  Of course, no more than 31 stars can be saluted (due to the number of days in August), plus I don't expect TCM to include ALL these names, since there has to be room for the more "prominent" actors and actresses (i.e. Clark Gable, Katharine Hepburn, James Stewart, Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart, etc.). 

Here's who I'd like to see saluted for TCM's next "Summer Under the Stars" -

  • Jack Carson
  • Eleanor Powell (DEFINITELY!)
  • Marie Windsor
  • Louise Beavers
  • Alice Faye
  • Gail Russell
  • Donald O’Connor
  • Cyd Charisse * (I'd REALLY like for TCM to show a rare film of her's called "MAROC 7")
  • Rhonda Fleming
  • S.Z. Sakall (he's been in enough films to be featured)
  • Eddie Cantor (there's some films of his I'd like to see, including one done in Technicolor from the early 1930s!)
  • Gloria Grahame *
  • Fred MacMurray * (it would be nice if TCM could show the films he made with Claudette Colbert)
  • Maureen O’Sullivan (she's got to be featured already; most of her films are from MGM)
  • William Powell *
  • Sylvia Sidney
  • Ann Blyth *
  • Jim Backus (he's been in supporting roles in several movies)
  • Danny Kaye
  • Yvonne De Carlo
  • Ann Rutherford (the same with Eleanor Powell and Maureen O’Sullivan, this MGM star has got to be featured)
  • Tony Curtis *
  • Bob Hope *
  • Gloria De Haven
  • Ward Bond (just like S.Z. Sakall, he's been in more than enough films to show)
  • Dorothy Lamour
  • Jeanne Crain *
  • Paulette Goddard *
  • Leo Gorcey or Huntz Hall (the Bowery Boys)
  • Ruth Roman
  • Ann Miller *

* Indicates a certain actor or actress was previously featured only once so far

Also, I wonder if TCM could also present some rarely seen episodes of television programs that had either starred or else featured (even in an ensemble cast) a particular actor or actress for their SUTS salute.  I know on some occasions, interviews with several stars courtesy of either "The Tonight Show" (with Johnny Carson) or "The Dick Cavett Show" have been shown in August a few years back.   This would also be a perfect opportunity to present episodes of, say, "The Hollywood Palace", "Person to Person", "The Mike Douglas Show", or any other variety show or talk show on TCM.  That is, only if the network could obtain the rights to these programs.

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Here is my  list  for  Summer Under The  Stars   Rhonda Fleming   Alan  Ladd   Lee  Remick   Richard  Harris  Tyrone Power  Madeleine  Carroll  Janet Leigh  Robert  Ryan   Alan  Bates Lilli  Palmer   Woody  Strode  Cesar  Romero   Ricardo  Montalban   Margaret  Sullivan   Nigel Bruce  Geraldine Page  Paul Newman  Jessica Tandy  Ann Blyth  Robert  Mitchum James  Cagney  Irene Dunne  Ingrid Bergman   Eleanor Parker  William  Holden  Jack Nicholson  Catherine Deneuve  Paulette Goddard  Kirk Douglas  Lena Horne  Maureen O'Sullivan  I know this is  just wish list and will  be happy with  the schedulers of  TCM  pick to air.

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I like your choices, quite a few match mines like Woody Strode, Jack Carson, and Gloria Grahame, Tyrone Power, William Holden and Janet Leigh, Dead End Kids.

I want to add Celeste Holm, Peter Lawford, Jane Powell, Joanne Woodward, Denzel Washington, Charles Laughton, Betty Field, Robert Redford, Lloyd Nolan, Yul Brynner, Joan Blondell, Arthur Kennedy, Leon Ames, Victor Mature, Sabu, Steve Reeves, Donald Crisp, Marjorie Main and Joanne Dru.


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   I know that 2021 has been set, but I have a request for a few stars next year: Debbie Reynolds, Thomas Mitchell,

Vivian Leigh, Errol Flynn, Greer Garson, Dorothy Dandridge, Margaret Lockwood, Jean Arthur, and Montgomery Clift.


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