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Hedy Lamarr, genius---

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Last night, the PBS program AMERICAN MASTERS did a profile of '30's and '40's movie star HEDY LAMARR that paid scant attention to her career as a Hollywood "glamour girl" and  focused more on her work as an inventor.  Something I was previously unaware of.  I was also both impressed and saddened to learn that the "frequency hopping"  system mentioned in the enclosed clip which was intended as a way to radio guide torpedoes without the enemy being able to "jam" the radio frequency is technology that the U.S. military, which rejected it at the time, later adopted it, cheating Ms. Lamarr out of all patent recompense and credit, finally recognizing her contribution a few years before her death.  And that technology she developed became the foundation for today's GPS, secure WI-FI  and BLUETOOTH technology.  

Not just a pretty face(with a pair of some of the prettiest eyes in Hollywood history), but brains to match.   I'll be after PBS for a copy of that program.  :) 



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I think this program has been around for a few years and may be available for places other than PBS.  If not, a very similar product has been around for a while.

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Oh, yeah...  I suspect it's from a bit earlier time, but was the 1st time I've seen it or ever heard about Ms. Lamarr's work as an inventor.  And that many people I know rely heavily on the technology that grew from her developments almost 80 years ago I find astonishing.   What WASN'T astonishing, nor surprising at all was the way the U.S. government and military screwed her over.   :ph34r:


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