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Three Stooges at MGM


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For a few short years The Three Stooges worked at MGM with Ted Heely. I have The Lost Stooges tape that Turner Home Entertainment put out in 1990, on it I saw Beer and Pretzels which the official 3 Stooges site has no description of, only the title. And I also learned of a real lost work of the Stooges 'Around the world backwards', which was made about the same time as Plane Nuts. But for some reason was never released and since vanished without trace from the old MGM Library. The tape did have still from the production. My question is expect for Meet the Baron and the very funny Soup to Nuts that is all I could find on DVD. Does anyone know if any of the shorts from that era are on DVD?

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Most of the Stooges' MGM shorts have been available over the years on laser discs and as extras on DVD's, but not yet have they been released all together in one complete set.


Two of the Three Stooges' Technicolor MGM shorts are still regarded as lost:

"Hello Pop" (1933) and "Jail Birds of Paradise" (1934) with just Moe and Curly Howard.


Here's more info on the MGM shorts:




Video and/or DVD availability is given here, where known.

The individual shorts' entries in the IMDb will sometimes also indicate DVD availability (click on "Production Companies" and "DVD details").


Regarding a Stooges film called "Around the World Backwards" yes several existing stills indicate that as much as an entire extra reel of footage was shot under that working title, that would have been part of the short "Plane Nuts" (1933). But that extra footage was scrapped, apparently discarded, and "Plane Nuts" released as a two-reeler.

More info on "Plane Nuts":




You mentioned an "official 3 Stooges site"...forget whatever that one was.

This is the ONLY source for accurate Three Stooges information:



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