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2 minutes ago, txfilmfan said:

And this is where they get this from.  Again, from the NYT live blog...

  • Catie Edmondson

    Congressional Correspondent

    For those wondering if this stunning series of events will break the chokehold Trump has on Republicans in Washington, this interview transmitted by the Capitol Hill pool reporters with Senator Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming, who supported the objection efforts, might be enlightening:

    “I hope it’s not Trump supporters that are involved in the mayhem. In my previous experience with these Trump supporters, they have been peaceful demonstrators, happy people, very patriotic, pro-America, and I feel like other forces like Antifa were advocating violence. So if now that has changed, I will be heartbroken.”

  • (I will note that this interview was conducted in the beginning of the chaos as senators were first getting evacuated – but it still at that point was pretty clear who the protesters were.)

They just do not understand what they have unleashed by saying it is OK.  Where did she think these people were coming from in such numbers?  Where did she think all those people at Trump rallies were coming from?

Trump has attracted a whole worse group of people to the Republican Party and they are not leaving.

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1 minute ago, ElCid said:

There will not be the massive insurrection type actions in the states seen today in DC, but they have been emboldened to take similar actions. 

Until they start dying in the streets, To quote Fonda in OUTITW "people scare a lot better when they're dying."


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1 hour ago, txfilmfan said:

I'd like to agree, but I just heard 3 different callers, all Trump supporters, (one in NY, one in SC, one in TX) phone in to C-SPANs coverage, repeating election conspiracies, stating that the protesters that broke in today were really antifa in Trump supporters' clothing, and on and on.  They will never be convinced otherwise, even when they're watching it unfold live on TV before their eyes.

I clearly understand your point here.   Like I said maybe I'm just being over optimistic and practicing wishful thinking.     The 2022 election will determine if Republicans in Congress that supported Trump's phony claims and his overall behavior and actions  are challenged in the GOP primary and defeated,  and if in 2024 there are still enough Trumpers left that Republicans like Rubio,  Haley etc...  have to appease in order to win the GOP Presidential nomination. 



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