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Alternate footage from "THE FRENCH LINE"

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Last night when I was watching "THE FRENCH LINE", I couldn't help but wonder if the footage of Jane Russell performing that rather "risque" number towards the end of the film had originally been filmed in a close-up camera angle, for the sake of the movie's 3-D process.  The movie itself was intended for the use of 3-D effects, and Jane's final number in the film was condemned as too provocative by the Production Code, considering why this film did not receive the MPPA seal of approval.  During the footage of Jane Russell performing her song, she's shown from a camera angle positioned further away.  Was this "alternate" footage edited into the final cut of the film and screened this way originally, for the sake of not becoming banned?  It seems likely, since it would make this scene appear "less provocative" to the film censors, and also prevent this movie from gaining the same unnecessary treatment that "THE OUTLAW" did a decade or so earlier.  It would also make sense if Jane Russell was shown close up during this particular scene to help enhance the use of 3-D effects (which is clearly a ploy to help obtain enough interest and viewership from male moviegoers, if you know what I mean).  Am I right about a possible close up footage of Jane from this number being cut from the final print?

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Yes, you are right.  I would like to know who censored it and when.  It was probably shown uncensored for the original release.  You can find the uncensored version of "Looking for Trouble" on youtube. 

There are closeups and about a minute of missing footage.

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WOW! I just knew that there was indeed some alternate footage from this movie!  It would be great if TCM could air this movie with that "missing" footage edited into the actual film, if possible.  It's no surprise it was edited out, figuring the censors wouldn't want a movie house full of men acting like that wolf from those classic Tex Avery MGM cartoons.

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