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Help, please, with Title! I need to end this 14-year search!


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In August/September of 1995, I had the misfortune of having a very bad case of mono that caused me to have to stay home from school. One day I was watching TCM and enjoyed a film that I have been hunting for ever since... so here are the things I can remember (and it's not much... I'm hoping that just the right person happens to read this and knows the one):


The story line seems like it involved a regular human that began dating a mythological god or goddess (or was the son or daughter of one... can't remember if the regular human character was male or female) and was introduced to the rest of the family... filled with gods and goddesses. I can remember an awful lot of togas... the men were weightlifting and such. I believe that the film was a comedy and quite funny at that, but I was probably not at my most coherent. I know that isn't a whole lot of info to go on, but does anyone out there have an idea about the film to which I'm referring?!

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I know it wouldn't be "One Touch of Venus" (1948) (one of my favorites, by the way), as that's a Universal, and it's never been on TCM.


Actually Universal doesn't even have the TV rights to it, Republic (formerly NTA) does.

It was shown on AMC back in their good old days, but not on TCM... not yet anyway, but here's hoping!

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Thanks everyone! I'm thinking that Athena may be the one... I'm trying to locate a copy of it somewhere to confirm, but I'm feeling pretty confident about it (though the story doesn't seem quite like I remember it... then again... I wasn't all that lucid). I appreciate all your help so much!

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