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I am now watching the above Lloyd Bacon/Busby Berkeley film. Was it the last of the " GOLD DIGGERS " franchise? At the roughly 3/4 Mark now, it does seem like they were trying a slightly different approach, with less emphasis on the " trying to put on a Broadway show " theme and a little less emphasis on what being a " GOLD DIGGERS " actually means - reflecting the Code/Breen era and perhaps wanting to try s different approach to the concept/a little over familiar with it? The more farcical approach, if you will?

  Dick Powell looked weird with a " grown-up " mustache. Was the male hoofer who had a number early in the film the same one who dances on the giant rocking chair in the one and only trademark " Busby Berkeey " number? Only one - earlier Berkeley films I've seen had more than that! Cutting on the presumably budget-busting expense of setting up a rehearsing these extravaganzas? Code-wise, I'd presume that the earlier film's close-ups of the chorines displayed more ample helpings of cleavage and crotch close-ups than the later one!

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A wiki search for "gold diggers of" brings up the following titles:

Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 6.03.27 AM

I should tell you that GOLD DIGGERS '49 is an animated short film from the same studio (Warners) featuring Porky Pig.


There is also GOLD DIGGERS IN PARIS (1938) which was the last in the series that you were referencing. Rudy Vallee has the lead role:


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20 hours ago, TopBilled said:

GOLD DIGGERS OF BROADWAY (1929) is a lost film. 

At least I've seen excerpts from it. Richard Barrios presented a fabulous Busby Berkeley number with all the girls in prison wearing striped uniforms at a rare film festival! What a HOOT!

(I believe a number taking place on a giant spiderweb was from GDoBW too, possibly a different lost film?)

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...Practically all of the last 2 reels of GDoBW survive and are easily available. Is this prison number you refer to from it? I don't remember that. Busby Berkeley had nothing to do with GDoBW.

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