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Why I’m Protesting to Defund Police

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Why I’m Protesting to Defund Police

That was our first demand with BLD PWR — defund the police and utilize those resources for new systems that actually care for our community and make us safe. Housing, education, healthcare, mental healthcare, jobs — those are the things that make us safe, not police. If police made us safe, Fortune 500 CEOs would live in the hood, because there’s no shortage of police there. But they don’t. And our second demand is to prosecute killer cops like the citizens they are. Then, specifically for L.A., we have to get Jackie Lacey out of the DA’s office. She must go because she refuses to prosecute killer cops and she continues to cover up their crimes.

In terms of healing mentally, I need to process, and unfortunately, we don’t get a whole lot of time to do that, because our grief and our mental health process and our expression of our rage and our mourning is criminalized. And we are already experiencing the disproportionate effects of the COVID crisis. We haven’t ever gotten time to work through the crisis that we’ve been in for centuries. It’s just been compounded trauma over and over again, largely exacerbated by the system of policing and prison.

I’m still working through stuff that happened when I was a kid, stuff that happened at Standing Rock four years ago, working through these videos of public Black death, these lynchings that we’ve continued seeing, so I don’t know the scope of the trauma that I experienced Saturday. I feel very strong and I’m really exhausted at the same time. But I also feel a resolve to move forward. I feel like we need to liberate folks and we cannot let up.

I feel like our movement is moving and that these protests, demonstrations, rebellions, whatever you want to call them, are working. And they show how powerful we are, and that gives me energy. But I also feel traumatized and I’m trying to work through that. And I’m ready to move — I’m ready to get back out there — and also heal and figuring out the best way to do that for all of us, because we all need healing. And we can’t continue this type of life, this world with this type of police terror and anti-blackness.

I am not doing this for applause, and followers and private texts of support — “We stand with you” and all that, I don’t need that. What I need is for us to end this system. What I need is for us to build better systems. The police are the largest organized crime gang in the country —their union, they are not part of organized labor, they are organized crime. They cover up the murder of our people, the rapes, all of the allegations of abuse of authority. And they have they intimidate our politicians into not passing any legislation that actually protects us from that.

We know what happens when people actually threaten the power of police. We know what has happened to our leaders in the past. I’m not calling myself a leader at all, but what I’m saying is, I’m not putting my name out there, face out there and going after these folks, putting my life and my body on the line for support and positivity and good energy and thanks and gratitude.

I want us all to participate in tearing this system down and building better for our community. That is the point of this — defund police and prosecute killer cops.


They think if the cops get defunded then everything will get better with less cops. They want to tear down the system, which is what the rioting is doing., Good luck getting jobs in a burned out city run by Democrats. And an added bonus is the law abiding citizens have no way to protect themselves since gun rights were taken away, so they all move away.

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