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my review of THE JAYHAWKERS (1959)

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came on twelve thirty last nite on movies! lowzee! pre-civil war kansas and cam bleeker (fess parker) breaks out of jail because he can't believe his wife is dead. so here's a guy himself with a history of vigilante -ism so the governor tells him his wife was destroyed by one Luke D'arcy who plans to build an empire town by town. D'arcy is a 2nd or 3rd rate captain Quantrill who has his redlegs pillage and loot towns and then he rides in afterwards to become their savior. this is a great guy. so eventually bleeker tells D'arcy why he joined his raiders and D'arcy admits everything and lectures Bleeker that he should blame his wife for being a weak human being rather than him for being a suave womanizer. cam's heart begins to melt and he starts to admire D'arcy. that's when the film becomes a  crock. so D'arcy gets a flesh wound in the shoulder and here's his new best buddy kneeling over and tending Luke's wound and you wonder when they're gonna set a date.:lol:
the whole thing falls apart for cam when D'arcy's redlegs run over Nicole Maurey's little girl and then Bleeker decides he's gotta finish D'arcy for good. but it doan matter because by then the whole movie is an absolute crock. bleeker knows D'arcy's MO of trashing towns before he rides in to save them but the guy still decides to ride with him? D'arcy telling bleeker he reminded him of his younger brother who got hanged really won over ole cam.
The Jayhawkers is a crock and fess parker ain't no Alan Ladd. we also get to hear this piece of jerome moross music that becomes the theme to Wagon Train.
parker outgrows davy crockett, does this pos movie and then slouches back to the revolutionary war with Daniel Boone. whatta waste because ole fess woulda made good jed clampett.



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Fess was good enough as Dan'l BOONE .  Him as JED CLAMPETT never would have worked  Ebsen was the perfect choice.  As to THE JAYHAWKERS....

I saw the movie at the show and mostly on it's "strength" of having it star FESS PARKER.  My being only EIGHT YEARS OLD at the time, I really never went to the show in order to form strong analytical critiques of the movies. :rolleyes:

In retrospect, I'd give the movie a "sideways" thumb and an audible "so-so".  Or..."Meh."


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I was making a joke about jed clampett.

I always feel that jeff chandler is off kilter when he plays someone not completely good because ole jeff had hero quality in his performances.

"get away from my town!...

get my filthy redlegs away from my town!!!"

The Jayhawkers! - Great Western Movies

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