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fondly remembered childhood memories.

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when my siblings and I were kids our mother bought this nice hardcover book collection for us. probably much better quality then anything made today. there were classics like Call of the Wild by Jack London which I may have read, doan remember. my fondest memories are of Aesop's Fables and the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales. two fables I fondly remember by aesop are The Dog and the Hare and The Frogs and Their King...
one day a dog gives chase to a hare in the forest but eventually the hare successfully evades the dog and he gives up. then some smartass forest animal mocks the dog saying aren't you ashamed? letting a little hare get away from a big strong dog like you? but the dog replies ahhh but you're forgetting something. I was merely running for my supper. the hare was running for his life.
then in The Frogs and Their King some frogs living in a pond start bugging the god Jupiter for a king. jupiter is at first amused. he thinks what do a buncha stupid frogs living in a pond need a king for? so he throws down a log into the pond, splash! at first the frogs are elated with their king but then a few days later they become disatisfied because are their king does is float silently not saying anything. so again the frogs pester jupiter saying they want another king, one who will do more than float. so this time the god jupiter favors them with a hungry stork who proceeds to gobble up the stupid frogs so they start wailing and pleading with jupiter to aid them. Jupiter answers them saying oh no! this time you will have to make due. first you pester me for a king you really didn't need so I threw down a log so then you have the timarity to bother me again so have fun with your new king you dumb frogs.
I wonder if The Frogs and Their King could be the inspiration for Colossus the Forbin Project.
the fairy tales I remember reading so fondly were by hans christian andersen. I read The Little Mermaid about the the mermaid who sacrifices her pelagic existence for legs because of her love for a human sailor. then the very sad story of The Little Match Girl. she suffers through a harsh winter in one of those nordic countries being forced by her cruel stepfather to peddle matches in the snow with no shoes. a poor little child victimized by tyranny and indifference finds solace in a cold alley from matches and warm visions of her beloved dead grandmother. her misery is ended by death but the saddest story I probably have ever read is The Fir Tree.
at the end my eyes would well up with tears and I would cry.
once upon a time in the forest stood a young and magnificent fir tree. adorned by nature and adored by the birds and the forest creatures...but none of it mattered to the fir tree for it took this happy existence for granted preferring instead to be felled by a woodman's ax and to become a christmas tree. it wanted the holiday adoration of humans and never thought beyond that vain desire.
ond day it's desire was granted for it was felled. oh joy the fir tree thought for now I will become a christmas tree and will know great admiration from humans. it felt discomfort from being placed in a living room but it did not matter for the admiration to come. it was adorned with candles and decorations and christmas day it knew great attention from the humans.
it stood for days the humans admiration of it gradually waning and then afterwards...
it was dragged upstairs and thrown into a dark gloomy corner of the attic where it layed and lamented for two years away from the light of attention...
finally one day two years later it was dragged from it's imprisonment of gloom and left in the front yard of the house. the fir tree was not happy because it knew it had decayed into an ugly thing of fading green and mostly brown needles far far removed from that magnificent day of holiday adoration two years before.
some bratty children mocked it for it's ugliness one child tearing off the decorative star from it's decaying crown. what sadness the fir tree now felt. the fir tree was chopped into pieces and thrown into a fire...as it finally died it's thoughts returned to it's time in the forest before it was cut down and valuing with every moment of it's dying consciousness the happiness it once knew but took so much for granted.
I cried reading that as a kid because I felt so sorry for the poor fir tree.

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I also remember reading The Snow Queen and always thought the icy babe must be really hot.


I think what she really wanted was to be a mother. that's why she abducted kay.
in the end she lost because despite her cold icy nature that she really couldn't help it was the warmth of human love and affection she valued the most.
I see her a a symbol of redemption by her own attempt to thwart her own nature which speaks well of The Snow Queen.

a good movie idea would be fixing her up with jack frost.

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