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U.N. vote deals Trudeau embarrassing defeat on world stage

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U.N. vote deals Trudeau embarrassing defeat on world stage

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s bid to get Canada back on the United Nations Security Council was dashed Wednesday, dealing the staunch defender of global institutions a decisive and embarrassing loss.

India, Mexico, Norway and Ireland won temporary seats on the United Nations Security Council — the organization’s most powerful forum — for 2021-2022. The Security Council election, which takes place in regional brackets, saw Canada suffer its second loss in as many attempts, beaten in the first round of voting by much smaller Norway and Ireland.

Canada will now likely have to wait until the 2030s to win a seat at the Security Council table — a three-decade absence. Of the Security Council’s 15 members, five are permanent — belonging to China, the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom and France — while 10 seats rotate every two years based on elections like that conducted Wednesday.

Despite being a founding U.N. member and part of the G-7 and G-20, Canada’s size and history once again counted for little: the government of Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper was defeated by Portugal in 2010, even as the former colonial power was in the midst of the humiliating EU bailout.

Canada had touted its membership in the Commonwealth of Nations; the Francophonie, an international organization of French-speaking countries; and the Organization of American States, as well as its status as an Arctic nation. Canada’s diversity meant it could be a voice for many at the U.N., the country’s ambassador to the U.N., Marc-André Blanchard, told POLITICO on Monday.

Each country had two votes in each regional category. Out of 192 votes in the “Western Europe and Other” category, Norway received 130, Ireland 128 and Canada 108.

In other regions, India (184 votes) and Mexico (187 votes) easily won their contests, while Kenya and Djibouti will head to a run-off vote for the African seat on Thursday, after neither country obtained the necessary two-thirds majority.

United Nations ambassadors voted in isolation and wearing masks — in individual time slots throughout the week — at U.N. headquarters in New York.

The result marks the end of years of campaigning, and deals symbolic damage to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s internationalist image.


If anyone was wondering why we never hear much about Canada, now you know. They have a leader who can't even persuade other countries to vote for a silly council for them. It's OK though, the U.S will still protect them from the bad world out there.

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Yup, Canada failed to get on the U.N. security council.

Now ask the average Canadian how much he cares about that as opposed to how much he is concerned with how his government leaders are battling covid 19.

Canada, like the States, was slow off the mark and the devastation in senior residences due to the disease is a source of national shame. However, unlike the States where the death toll keeps skyrocketing in many states, the disease is currently under relative control in Canada. This is because provincial governments and the federal government, no matter what their political differences may be, banned together to fight the disease and, unlike Americans, Canadians have a leader who lead by example by wearing a mask. And, unlike many in the States, Canadians have listened to the scientists and adopted the mask wearing, hand washing, social distancing measures asked of them.

Canada has had 106,000 cases of covid 19. That's the same number that the States has had in the past few days.

By no means is the war against covid 19 over in Canada but the nation is at a point where the cases are today few enough that contact tracing can be employed when a case does occur. In the States, meanwhile, you have a President who is about to hold a second campaign rally where masks are optional and everyone will be squeezed together (while the President himself is protected as much as possible with tests of everyone around him). The recklessness of the American President in his pursuit of re-opening the economy, while at the same time down playing the seriousness of the pandemic, all in pursuit of his re-election, is making this pandemic one of the greatest calamities in American history, with a President who has been completely derelict in his duties to defend the nation.

By the way, MM, who is banned from travelling to Europe these days, Canadians or Americans?


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