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Fredric March - Monday August 24 2009 - !!!

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Bedtime Story which uses a bit of the 'play within a play' device chose a 'sampling' from Theodora Goes Wild, 1936, Irene Dunne/Melvin Douglas for the play in rehearsal in the film.


I've never seen a film go quite this far in making a nod toward another film.

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I am so happy that TCM gave Fred his due about a week ago. He was such a talented actor and anytime any of his films are on, I try to make an effort to see them. Granted I had work last week and was unable to see most of the lineup, however I was pleased to see some of his well known films on the schedule and some of his other lesser known films as well.


In regards to *"The Best Years of Our Lives"* not being shown on the lineup last week, it may have to do with the fact that TCM has been showing it often in their lineup either as part of a WWII night or with one of the other cast members of the film and they may have wanted to give it a rest for the moment.


With *"Death Takes a Holiday,"* they have tended to show that film in December for the past several years. I don't know why but it appears that this is a common occurance.




*"You're the detective. Don't ask me for answers."*

*~ Jarvis Goodland (Ray Milland) ~ Columbo: The Greenhouse Jungle*


*"I never discuss business before dinner."*

*~Jean Lafitte (Fredric March) ~ The Buccaneer (1938)*


*"Having some trouble Mr. DA?"*

*~Joe Lilac (Dana Andrews) ~ Ball of Fire (1942)*


*"If you're not gonna electrocute me on the spot, I think I'll run along."*

*~Joel Sloane (Robert Montgomery) ~ Fast and Loose (1939)*


*"This is the way I like to do business. Quickly and to the point."*

*~Britt Reid/The Green Hornet (Van Williams) ~ The Green Hornet: Trouble for Prince Charming*

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Sadly for me, I missed the lineup in August, but they reran There Goes My Heart yesterday. I didn't know about Ed Sullivan until I IMDb'ed the movie, and found the trailer.


Fun little movie, with some very good moments -- the light bulb caper, the skating (the trick skater was from vaudeville, I take it?), and anytime Patsy Kelly was on screen. It dragged at the end, and March (such an actor) in a suit on a small boat that isn't capsized by a passing wake was a hoot.


My favorite though, was the manager in the cafeteria -- who was he? There are lots of uncredited roles (they emptied out the Roach studios, it seems), but I can't match him to any.

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You asked about the manager in the cafeteria. Do you mean the guy who was very exciteable and talked in a funny high-pitched voice? If so, that's Cecil Mack, sometimes billed as Tommy Mack.

Here's a list of other films he's in. He often played that same kind of character. One of his funniest is the 1935 Bob Hope comedy short "Shop Talk" (which turns up on TCM occasionally).




I hope that helps.

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