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What is the name of this movie? Please help!


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A few years ago TCM would often play this charming movie that takes place around 1900 where an elderly man has passed and is looking back at his life. The movie is in technicolor. The movie is a comedy showing the man being raised in a wealthy family romancing women and falling in love and marrying a beautiful brunette woman. At the end the devil is deciding weather the man lived a good life and due to his wifes love he is granted heaven. Any guesses of this movie are greatly appreciated I have been trying to figure it out for quit some time.

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> {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}

> HERE COMES MR. JORDAN was also supposed to be called HEAVEN CAN WAIT but the Ameche film beat it to the punch. The Warren Beatty remake of JORDAN was in fact called HEAVEN CAN WAIT.


HEAVEN CAN WAIT didn't "beat" HERE COMES MR JORDAN "to the punch." When it became evident that both 20th Century-Fox and Columbia were preparing fantasies with identical titles, they came to a gentleman's agreement that the former studio could lay claim to it (since titles can't be copyrighted).

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