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1930’s RomCom; Wife has affair with Salvadore Dali type

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Could somebody help me figure out the name of this movie please, I saw it on TCM little over a year ago. I’ll recap the plot as best  as I  can remember:

I think it was made in the 1930’s but not 100% sure on that even. 

So we have a well to do married couple, husband works in finance, wife stays home lounging on the divan looking beautiful all day and naturally gets bored, but it’s the 30’s so that’s kinda the expectation. She embarks on an affair with an INSANE seeming artist, obviously based directly on Salvador Dali, mustache and all, and they have a deeply passionate connection. He paints surrealist style pieces, and plays the piano. I remember several scenes where she’s sitting next to him at the piano gasping with internally felt passion, while he plays for her, his eyes rolling with mania. The husband finds out about their tryst, and buys one of the artist’s paintings and then surprises his wife by hanging it in their living room while she is out. She ends up leaving her husband for pseudo-Salvador Dali. I remember a scene where she is at a party with her new high society-artist set, the artist plays on the piano, the ingenue is obviously bored again. The artist, who is very temperamental, storms out over a small and possibly imagined slight. While he is gone her original husband comes back into the picture, and they give the Dali-inspired artist the boot, kicking him out, and ending up back together. 

I believe the film is set in New York, but again I am unsure.

I absolutely LOVED this movie and I would love to see it again/own it. If anyone can help me get a title on it, I would be most grateful.

Thank yall for your time!

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The closest I can come is Ernst Lubitsch's That Uncertain Feeling (1941) with Merle Oberon, Burgess Meredith, and Melvyn Douglas:


Click on the READ THE FULL SYNOPSIS link for a detailed description.

You can watch it on YouTube:


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