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What movie is this from?? I hope someone can help me


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I'm sorry if I'm not posting in the right section but I am desperately trying to figure out the movie where this came from:


I once saw a movie where I girl walks into a diner/cafe and is sad and starts singing:


Can I get a cup of coffee.

Can I get a cup of coffeeeee


And the waiter behind the counter starts to join in. I believe the girl is wearing a wool peacoat. I just wish I could know what movie that's from. I hope someone here can help. It's one of those things that has never left my head. I believe it was in color...

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I don't know if it's the movie you remember, but there's a similar scene in *What a Way to Go* (1964).


Recently widowed Shirley MacLaine goes into a diner and asks for a cup of coffee. Gene Kelly is a customer and starts ad libbing a song (he's a hokey entertainer in a dive across the street).


There might have been other movies with such a scene, but who can forget Gene Kelly as a two-bit comic?

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Ok I just finished What A Way to Go and yes this was one of my favorites. That scene is so close but they way I remember it was the girl was singing and she sang it a little differently. It makes me wonder if I just remembered it incorrectly or if it was another movie.....

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