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Who would Like to See As Guest Programmer

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On 7/26/2020 at 5:42 PM, TopBilled said:

I'd love to see Rita Moreno as a Guest Programmer. 

Also Sidney Poitier, if he's up to it.

Not a fan of when they bring in stand-up comics or D-list "stars" to introduce movies. Would rather see people who are more than fans, people who have actual insights because they were there when the movies were made...or they are the offspring of a well-known deceased star who heard stories at home about the making of Movie X.

good one

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10 hours ago, Swithin said:

I think it's time that TCM showed the films of Harmony Korine and invited him to introduce them.


Scene from Gummo (1997)

And be sure to have Chloe Sevigny host in the other chair.

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On ‎7‎/‎28‎/‎2020 at 6:39 PM, sagebrush said:

Alan Arkin would be both informative and entertaining.

For a guest programmer who would be introducing a night of musicals, I think Tommy Tune would be great.

I know many folks wouldn't care for this suggestion, but Seth MacFarlane loves classic film and he is entertaining.

Alan Arkin would be a great choice, as you say he would have much to contribute about the films being shown.

Have to say nay to Seth MacFarlane. Not only have I never found the guy funny (never been a FAMILY GUY fan at all), I wouldn't trust him to could go through an introduction without inserting at least one dirty joke or antidote down the line.

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I forgot to mention that I call him my man Tony Danza and someone also mentioned Lenoared Malton.  He would be a great one too.  Since he’s now part of the TCM family.  As Robert Osbourne would say and he’s been hosting Treasures From The Disney Vault here on TCM and he’s also been to both the TCM Classic Film Festival and on the TCM Classic Cruise.  I think he actually first started attending both right after Treasures From The Disney Vault’s Premire or whatever you want to call it or right after the second installment.  He’s also a film critic/historian and a really wonderful man.  I love him.  I’ve got his book from 2015.  That would also be really neat.  I wonder what his movie picks would be and what my man Tony Danza’s movie picks would be?

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1 hour ago, David Guercio said:

Jimmy Fallon.

In this regard, I'd take Stephen Colbert first.

(...and NOT just because I think he's much wittier than Fallon is and thus the reason I prefer his late night program to Fallon's, but also because I get the sense that Colbert's movie picks would be more interesting than Fallon's might be)

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Gloria Steinem! Maybe seems a bit off base as she hails from the world of journalism, activism and politics, but if you've read her writings or heard her in interviews, she's super film-obsessed. Of course she famously wrote a book of essays on Marilyn Monroe, but more than that she frequently pays reference to golden-age cinema such as They Drive By Night, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and The Best of Everything. To loosely paraphrase something I once heard her say in an interview on Marilyn, "I almost never walk out of a film, no matter how bad, because I'm so hooked on narrative I just keep going, 'and then what?' "

The late Carrie Fisher would have been a hoot, what with her unique perspective as a "royal child" of the industry, and her incisive razor-sharp wit.

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