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He is very handsome and was in silent films.  He is on TCM when they are showing all the different films between movies.  He is brunette has a mustache and thin beard and is laughing in the part where he is shown.  I have searched all silent film actors pictures and Warner Baxter is the closest actor that looks like him.  Can you name the actor and the film.  He sort of looks like he is a pirate when he is on TCM and laughing and so handsome.  Thanks!!!!  I have tried to take a picture to post it here.  This is driving me crazy!!!


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finally got his picture
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1 minute ago, chaya bat woof woof said:

There were a lot of good looking actors in the silent era.  Ramon Navarro, Rudolph Valentino, don't know what Fairbanks Sr. looked like, John Gilbert, could be Warner Baxter or even John Barrymore

I looked at all their pictures too!!!  I think my best bet to solve this mystery I have created is to take a picture when it comes on again.  I am also recording movies now back to back since it is on between movies.  I will post it the second I take it.  Thanks so much everyone!!!

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I haven't seen the clip you're talking about, but it definitely sounds like Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. (not Jr.) to me.  I can envision him with his hands on his hips, raring his head back laughing heartily from any one of his swashbucklers of the early-to-mid '20s (e.g., The Mark of Zorro, The Three Musketeers, Robin Hood, The Thief of Baghdad...take your pick).  If you want, you can pull him up on IMDb, and go through each one of those movies.  There's lots of still pictures associated with each to browse.  Happy hunting!

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