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Top 12 Films That Define The Legacy Of Films For You.

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I am asking the question what 12 Films do you yourself think are 12 films that were part of the evolution of film itself. I guess I mean what films have been most important films made in cinema history. These are not most fun or favorite films but the films you consider ground breaking classic films. There are no right or wrong answers to an opinion film question. Just curious to see what are people ground breaking classic films

12 The Original King Kong------Just Because It was first film to peak my interest in the world of adventure films

11 The Wizard Of Oz-------- First Movie to use color and was really ahead of its time.

10 Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs   ---- because it basicly answered the question will people go see a full length cartoon movie.

09 The 10 Commandments------ Its the first movie I consider as an Epic style story for many Fantasy and Epic films to come

08 The Planet Of The Apes-----It was the first sci fi film I can remember that told a different story and was not an odd looking alien in a fake mask or told the story of mankinds own folly

07 The Searchers---- For Me It Changed westerns from the B type singing cowboy stuff to a real western film that started to tell stories of the west rather then be same old type western high noon stuff.

06 Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring-----Not all loved these long films but I consider it as first real film to make the Pages come alive from a Fantasy Book and feel like a lived in world. Unfortunately not been many epic films in this scale since.

05 Dr No----- I know Goldfinger is hailed as greatest bond film but Dr No and Connery introduced thew world to the idea of a one man spy not neading a team or an army to get the job done. It paved way for the modern action man era. Batman comic book movies and any loner action starrer film.

04 Terminator 2 Judgement Day----The Film that paved way on how effects in films would be changing and allow all manor of sci fiction films to be done.

03 Star Wars--A New Hope-----The First Movie To Tell An Adventure in Space and really changed everything that would come in sci fi or any type of Adventure movies

02 Raiders Of The Lost Arc-----The Film that sparked the concept of The Fun Action Movies that would come after and it took What James Bond started and opened the door to all manor of fun action films that could be told and made.

01 Smokey and The Bandit-----It was just a little movie about Bootlegging beer in a truck but what it became was the film to start really blending comedy and adventure and fun into films. It also introduced the bad guy and Villain as not just the normal bad guy but they Villain you almost root for to win. Or least capture the criminal now if Good Guy gets away later but its not his fault you be ok with cause you like the Good Guy and The Villain

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