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Officer Chauvin’s Show Trial Will Bring the End of Law and Order

Posted By pcr3 On March 31, 2021 @ 11:55 am In Articles & Columns | Comments Disabled

Officer Chauvin’s Show Trial Will Bring the End of Law and Order

Paul Craig Roberts

The United States now has attributes of the 20th century totalitarian regimes that it opposed.  The New York governor is implementing the hated Soviet internal passport that prevents freedom of movement, and the illegitimate Biden regime is working with private firms to create a nationwide internal passport.

American elections mean no more than Soviet ones. As Stalin said, it is who counts the votes that matters.

Washington’s foreign policy is more aggressive and bloody than the Third Reich’s.

Soviet show trials are now the new normal for American “justice.”

As an example, consider the highly orchestrated show trial of Officer Chauvin accused of George Floyd’s death currently underway.  Yesterday, the second day of Officer Chauvin’s trial was “eye-witness day.”  Eye-witness Donald Williams told the prosecutor, Steve Schleicher, that “I believe I witnessed a murder.”  Eye-witness Alyssa Funari said, “I was upset because there was nothing that we could do as bystanders except watch them take this man’s life in front of our eyes.”  Eye-witness Darnella Frazier said, “When I look at George Floyd I look at, look at my dad. I look at my brothers, cousins, uncles, because they are all Black. I have a Black father, I have a Black brother, I have Black friends. And I look at that and I look at how that could have been one of them.”

I believe these witnesses are describing what it seemed like to them.  Donald Williams believes that he witnessed a murder.  It certainly can look like that to everyone who does not have all the information.  Thanks to the media, all the information is missing.

Among the missing information is the medical examiner’s report that finds three times the fatal dose of fentanyl in George Floyd’s blood.  The medical examiner reports “No life-threatening injuries identified. No injuries of anterior muscles of neck or laryngeal structures.” The medical examiner reports extensive heart disease:  Arteriosclerotic heart disease, multifocal, severe; Hypertensive heart disease.

Fentanyl causes breathing problems and death when overdosed.  

As police audio/video show, Floyd complained to police of breathing problems prior to being restrained on the ground. He complained of breathing problems while sitting in the police car.

When Officer Chauvin arrived, he recognized a drug overdose problem and called for medics, an inexplicable decision if he intended murder.

Officer Chauvin restrained Floyd using a police-approved technique that has been used many times without killing anyone.  Chavin restrained Floyd in order to prevent Floyd from agitated behavior that would exhaust the little oxygen able to get into his system.  The knee-hold does not prevent the flow of oxygen.

Practically alone among the print, TV, radio, and Internet media, I reported the facts of the situation.  See:

https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/06/19/george-floyd-was-not-killed-by-police/ [1] 

https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/07/06/did-george-floyd-die-from-an-overdose-of-fentanyl-or-from-homicide/ [2] 

https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/07/07/there-is-no-second-autopsy-of-george-floyds-death/ [3] 

https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/07/08/the-medical-examiners-report-of-george-floyds-death/ [4] 

https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/08/06/tucker-carlson-announces-george-floyd-fatally-overdosed-with-fentanyl-and-a-lawsuit-is-brought-to-force-release-of-hcq-to-the-public/ [5] 

https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/08/29/as-i-told-you-last-june-george-floyd-died-of-a-fantanyl-overdose/ [6] 

https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/09/01/chief-medical-examiner-informs-prosecutors-george-floyd-died-from-fentanyl-overdose/ [7] 

In contrast, the visual “evidence” was constantly hyped all over the media.  What people thought they saw was not the explanation.

The public was primed to misunderstand George Floyd’s death by previous instances of police brutality against blacks. The presstitutes only report police brutality against blacks, not the more numerous instances against whites, so the public sees it as a racist response to blacks.  Officer Chauvin is partly a victim of the one-sided reported incidents against blacks. 

As my readers know, I am a long-standing critic of police brutality against the public.  I forecast that the police brutality together with the one-sided reporting was brewing racial problems by being misrepresented as racism.  When I reported the medical examiner’s report, some readers wanted to know why I had changed from being a police critic to being a police apologist. I am not for or against the police.  I am for truth and against lies and misrepresentation.

The truth is Officer Chauvin’s true defense, but it is unlikely to play a role.  The presstitutes have presented the prosecutor with the case of his career. He is not going to let facts get in the way of Chauvin’s conviction.  Neither does the judge want the vilification that a fair trial would bring. The jurors all understand that if they let Officer Chavin off they will be outcasts and suffer violence to themselves and their property.  The entire community knows that unless Chauvin is convicted, their city will again be looted and burned.  Indeed, the many cities that experienced the George Floyd protests feel the same way.  A person already convicted by the media cannot be let off even if innocent. What is the purpose of the eye-witnesses when all have already seen many times the scenario they describe and have their minds made up?

In former times when America had a justice system and a responsible media, media was careful not to convict a suspect or defendant prior to the jury doing so.  To be convicted by the media was reason for dismissing the charges on the grounds that there was no prospect of an objective jury.  But in America today, it is conviction that is the focus, not innocence or guilt.  

Eye-witness Donald Williams feels that he witnessed a murder.  No doubt every juror feels the same way prior to the trial. Evidence, even if presented, is unlikely to get anywhere with people already convinced by the constantly replayed video of Officer Chauvin with his knee-hold on George Floyd.

What I have noticed over the years, especially recent ones, is that facts have lost their importance.  Facts have given way to emotional responses based on feelings.  It is how Americans feel about whatever, not the facts, that determines the response. 

It would take a heroic jury to find Chauvin innocent.  His conviction will constitute another blow to law and order. White and Asian police officers will protect themselves by avoiding interaction with black criminals.  I suspect that black officers will also.  Otherwise, their kids will be beat up and their homes firebombed.  The emboldened criminal population that is being created will be hard to contain.


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Taki's Magazine

Derek Chauvin, Human Sacrifice
photo credit: Bigstock

Minneapolis, MN

In modern America, we periodically offer up white men as human sacrifices to the PC gods. Among our benefactions: Jake Gardner, Kyle Rittenhouse, Darren Wilson, the Duke lacrosse players, University of Virginia fraternity members, Stacey Koon and Mark Fuhrman.

The rest of us just keep our heads down and pray we won’t be next.

At least the Duke and UVA human offerings were sufficiently upper-crust to have a few journalists and lawyers defending them. But policemen, bar owners, military veterans and a Midwest teenager? Definitely not our crowd, darling.

Currently, Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is on trial for killing George Floyd by kneeling on his neck, as it appeared in cellphone videos. You may remember something about this: It’s why America had to burn in 2020.

“In the darkest days of Jim Crow, the entire country never ganged up on a single individual like this.”

But the chief medical examiner’s report establishes that, however else Floyd died, it wasn’t from Chauvin’s knee. Oopsie! I guess it wasn’t absolutely essential that our country go through eight months of looting, riots and mostly peaceful arsons.

In lieu of citing some B.S. media “fact check,” I shall quote directly from the autopsy report by the Hennepin County Chief Medical Examiner, Andrew Baker:

“No life-threatening injuries identified —

“A. No facial, oral mucosal, or conjunctival petechiae

“B. No injuries of anterior muscles of neck or laryngeal structures

“C. No scalp soft tissue, skull, or brain injuries

“D. No chest wall soft tissue injuries, rib fractures (other than a single rib fracture from CPR), vertebral column injuries, or visceral injuries

“E. Incision and subcutaneous dissection of posterior and lateral neck, shoulders, back, flanks, and buttocks negative for occult trauma”

In short: No bloodshot eyes and no trauma to any part of Floyd’s neck.

And yet, day after day, prosecutors, witnesses and the media tell us that Chauvin “squeezed the life out of” Floyd. The medical evidence establishes that whatever else caused his death, it was NOT asphyxiation.

That’s the entire case against Officer Chauvin! But the howling mob isn’t giving up its holy religious observance because of one dork in a lab coat. The sun might not rise! The city of Minneapolis could be wiped out! Wait — that might actually happen.

The medical examiner also found that Floyd had enough fentanyl in his system — I don’t want to say “to kill a horse,” because that would be a cliche. But it would be enough to bump off an entire team of Budweiser Clydesdales. In technical medical jargon:

“A. Blood drug and novel psychoactive substances screens:

“1. Fentanyl 11 ng/mL”

That’s just the first few words of the “Toxicology” section. Also listed are norfentanyl, 4-ANPP, methamphetamine, cannabinoids, amphetamines, morphine and so on.

But the 11 nanograms per milliliter of fentanyl is rather important, inasmuch as the chief medical examiner called this “a fatal level of fentanyl under normal circumstances,” saying, “deaths have been certified with levels of 3.”

Three. But George Floyd went up to 11.

Naturally, Baker was quick to add, “I am not saying this killed him.” Please don’t throw me to the woke gods! Leave me to my test tubes! (And you thought lawyers were craven.)

I have a feeling we’re about to see another example of the left not accepting science.

In addition to liberals refusing to accept the science of:

— DNA (the O.J. trial)

— AIDS (we’re still waiting for that big heterosexual outbreak!)

— Cancer clusters and breast implants (billions of dollars wasted and companies destroyed because of the left’s adherence to junk science)

— I.Q. (just watch the reaction to my mentioning this hate-science) …

… we can now add “pharmacology”!

You mean to say that just by sticking a syringe in someone’s arm you can tell if he’s been taking drugs? That’s a lot of mumbo-jumbo, just like the moon landing.

This trial is a total sham, but the entire power of the state, the media, the left-wing shock troops and the country’s finest legal talent is being deployed against Derek Chauvin.

In addition to Minnesota’s top prosecutor, the state has hired Neal Katyal, former solicitor general of the United States — an unheard-of maneuver in a case that doesn’t involve some highly technical specialty, like antitrust. A slew of lawyers are working pro bono for the prosecutor — also unheard of. The state has unlimited resources to pursue Chauvin.

Against this, Chauvin has one lone defense attorney, Eric “Atticus Finch” Nelson. The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association’s legal defense fund will put up to $1 million toward his defense, and Nelson can talk to the other rotating attorneys whom the fund employs. But unless they’re working pro bono, too, $1 million runs out pretty fast.

The legal mismatch in the O.J. Simpson case wasn’t this one-sided.

In the middle of jury selection, the city of Minneapolis announced an eye-popping civil settlement of $27 million with the family of George Floyd. Liberals are still denouncing Richard Nixon for a 1970 speech in which he inadvertently described defendant Charles Manson as someone who was “guilty, directly or indirectly, of eight murders” — leading to demands for a mistrial.

What does a $27 million settlement with the family of the alleged victim say?

Black residents of Minneapolis are threatening to burn the place down if Chauvin isn’t convicted — and the only reason anyone thinks a jury could possibly return a guilty verdict is that they believe them.

In the darkest days of Jim Crow, the entire country never ganged up on a single individual like this.

Please, gods of wokeness, we ask that his human sacrifice be acceptable!

Throw another virgin into the volcano.

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- PaulCraigRoberts.org - https://www.paulcraigroberts.org -

No Fair Trial for Officer Chauvin

Posted By pcr3 On April 6, 2021 @ 8:33 am In Articles & Columns | Comments Disabled

No Fair Trial for Officer Chauvin

Paul Craig Roberts

The American Establishment is determined that Chauvin will not get a fair trial. Chauvin is the Establishment’s showpiece of white racism.  The point that is being made is that the **** is alive and well, only instead of a noose it is knee-on-neck.  An unthinking and unaware Chauvin gave them the video that they needed.  

Chauvin is not really having a trial.  He is the object of a show trial like Stalin’s “trial” of Nikolai Bukharin.  Chauvin has to be found guilty in order to justify billions of dollars of damage to many cities’ business districts and the absence of any indictments of the looters and arsonists.  

If Chauvin gets a fair trial, he would be found innocent.  He recognized that George Floyd was dying from a drug overdose and had medics called.  He restrained Chauvin, not to cut off his oxygen, but to keep him still so he did not waste what little oxygen he was getting in agitation.

As I previously explained, if witnesses are unaware that George Floyd had taken three times the fatal dose of Fentanyl and they are unaware that Fentanyl kills by depriving the body of oxygen, and they see an officer with a knee on Floyd’s neck, they will think the knee, not the unknown fentanyl is killing Floyd.

In other words, the eye-witness evidence is worthless and completely misleading.  Given the fact that people, including police chiefs, are universally ignorant about fentanyl and its effects, it was a simple matter for the media to endoctrinate them with non-stop showings of the video of Chauvin with his knee on Floyd’s neck.

The Floyd “family” has gotten rich off Floyd’s drug overdose death.  The last I looked many months ago the insouciant public had offered up to Floyd’s brother $20 million in restitution.  While jurors were being selected, Minneapolis paid $27 million in taxpayer money to the “family.”  The news report of the $27 million restitution confirmed in all potential jurors’ minds that Chauvin was guilty.  So a fair trial is impossible for Chauvin.

Moreover, experts who can testify as to fentanyl’s killing power know that they would be demonized by the presstitutes and have Antifa and BLM camped on their lawns.  They understand that they could/would be killed for preventing “justice.”  You have to be against Chauvin or you are dead meat. 

Police can see the writing on the wall.  Large numbers have already resigned, includint two black female police chiefs in two of the cities most destroyed by the George Floyd looting.  

If Chauvin is found innocent, which is impossible as no American jury has that courage, America would still have a shot at law and order.  He will be found guilty, and all the dumbshits will celebrate as they are ignorant of the consequences, which are that the police will cease to police black criminals.  

Chauvin’s conviction will endow black criminals with immunity. An invaded white home owner could not resist robbery or rape without being gulty of “racial violence.”  Your carry permit will be worthless as you don’t dare to defend yourself unless your attacker is white.  

The white hope is that convicting officer Chauvin will appease the blacks and life can resume.  No.  Convicting officer Chauvin unleashes black criminals.  Of course, most black Americans are not criminals.  What will happen is that the horrendous crimes that blacks are suffering from black criminals will become a common problem.  Already many police forces will not go into black areas on 911 calls.  Our future is that they won’t go into white areas.  Thus we will have “social justice.”  

According to George Floyd’s last girlfriend, Courteney Ross, Floyd’s and her drug dealer, Maurice Hall, was in the car with them when the police arrested Floyd for passing counterfeit money. She confessed that they regularly purchased drugs from him.

Two attorneys, Ben Crump and Antonio Romanucci, civil rights “ambulance chasers,” self-identify as “nationally renowned civil rights attorneys.”  They have in some way attached themselves to Chauvin’s showtrial.  When the fentanyl issue came up in the courtroom, they issued this statement:

“As the defense attempts to construct the narrative that George Floyd’s cause of death was the Fentanyl in his system, we want to remind the world who witnessed his death on video that George was walking, talking laughing, and breathing just fine before Derek Chauvin held his knee to George’s neck, blocking his ability to breathe and extinguishing his life for all to see.”

This statement is a lie.  The police video/audio clearly shows that George Floyd is complaining of inability to breathe prior to action by officer Chauvin.  When the officers finally get Floyd into the police car, he continues to complain about breathing problems, saying, “I can’t breathe.”  He wants to get out and to lay down. The officers permit this, and it is at this point that Chauvin places his knee on his neck.  We know nothing of the pressure.  It would have been minimal unless Floyd attempted to get up.  The medical examiner’s report finds no life-threatening damage to the neck.

This is not negligent manslaughter, it is not third-degree murder.  It is a police officer attempting to deal with a drug overdose problem.


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