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Which film: bird pierces man's skull?

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Over 40 years ago when I was a boy I remember watching an old film on TV Ontario's Saturday Night at the Movies with Elwy Yost and I need help to find out the title.  I remember that it was probably black & white, took place in a fishing community, and was a dark drama.  The scene that really sticks out for me was one where some feuding men bound another man in a rowboat, and took him out to sea to kill him.  What was memorable was the gruesome way they did it: they tied a fish to his forehead and waited until a large bird swooped down and plunged its beak into the fish and through the man's skull.  Does this ring a bell with anyone?

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Thank you thank you thank you, @Jezebel38.  So glad you solved the long-held mystery for me.  Films are great, aren't they?  They create memories that can stay dormant for decades, yet get immediately and vividly recalled in a flash!

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Happy to have helped in identifying your film. I must say I only saw it once maybe 10-12 years ago, and I recall most of the audience gasped when this scene happened. I also have been watching classic films for decades, and this is just one of those "sticks in your mind" moments, even though I can't recall much else of the movie!


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