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Wildfire Season.....

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California clears way for inmate firefighters to enter profession upon release

The bill addresses the emergence of an unexpected social justice issue this summer as massive wildfires during a pandemic exposed California's longtime reliance on inmates to suppress fires.


CA AB2147 (19R), by Assemblywoman Eloise Reyes (D-Grand Terrace), lets prisoners who served in a state firefighting camp or on a county fire hand crew apply to the court to dismiss their convictions so they can qualify as EMTs, a necessary step to becoming a firefighter.......

The law "will give those prisoners hope of actually getting a job in the profession that they've been trained," Newsom said upon signing the bill Friday in Oroville, where the North Complex Fire has burned 250,000 acres and 10 people have died.

The bill excludes those convicted of certain crimes, including murder, kidnapping, rape, arson or any felony punishable by death or life imprisonment. .........



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Man, woman who died in California fires were ready to flee but stayed because of 'erroneous information'

Fires ravaging California, Oregon and Washington have killed at least 34 people, destroyed thousands of homes and other structures and charred an area about the size of New Jersey.
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As wildfires rage, climate experts warn: The future we were worried about is here

Wildfires in the U.S., Australia and Siberia have driven home how climate change is already threatening to destroy ecosystems in various parts of the world.

Experts predict that in a warming world, devastating wildfires like the ones burning now will be even more common. Studies have shown that in addition to becoming more frequent, climate change will likely make such blazes more destructive, which carries enormous environmental, financial and health consequences for communities most at risk.

And in some countries, including the United States, supercharged wildfire seasons could be exacerbated by climate-related disasters elsewhere in the country, such as hurricanes or other extreme weather events, that culminate in multiple colliding crises that threaten the stability of various communities.........


Seasonal wildfires occur naturally around the world, but as temperatures rise due to global warming, the atmosphere can more efficiently pull moisture out of leaves, pine needles and the forest floor, Flannigan said. Without precipitation to compensate, this can create ideal conditions for a wildfire.

“It makes it easier for fires to start, whether from a lightning bolt or somebody’s campfire,” Flannigan said. “It also becomes easier for fires to spread because there’s more fuel to burn, which means we can get these higher intensity fires that are difficult or nearly impossible to put out.”........




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Heading back to the mega drought which can last 200 years!  The pioneers settled during a wet period thinking it was the norm.

One would think building huge underground water storage for emergencies instead of WASTING the precious resource Las Vegas is doing! :angry:



Ancients had better common sense!

Known as a Cistern.


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