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Dominick Dunne Dead


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*Now he is at peace and can be with his daughter!!*




Do not grieve at the passing of mortality, for life's but a thing of terrible gravity. And the planets gravitate around you,and the stars shall dance about you,and the angels in heaven adore you, and the saints all stand and applaud you. So faraway,so faraway and yet so close.


Nick Cave, "Far Away, So Close"






*Dominique Ellen Dunne* - RIP!

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I'm really only familiar with him through his "Power, Privilege & Justice" series.


I tried to read one of his books but couldn't get past the first chapter (his writing style just isn't my cup of tea).


What I find sad, and I mean no disrespect at all because he was obviously a great man, is that someone whose life was all about intrigue and evil deeds should pass away in such a mundane manner.


He will be missed.

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The murder of his daughter, and the travesty of justice that followed it, obviously had a profound affect on him and his writing for the rest of his life.


His daughter, Dominique Dunne, was becoming a familiar face on television when I was a teenager. She appeared in the movie *Poltergeist* and was rehearsing lines for the miniseries *V* at her home with actor David Packer when her ex-boyfriend showed up, an argument ensued, and he choked her to death. Packer called police but could not bring himself to physically intervene.


Obviously guilty, the killer was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and served only 2 and a half years before being released. His past history of abuse, not only with Dominique but with a former girlfriend, whose testimony was judged prejudicial, was kept from the jury. Upon release, he returned to work as a chef in the Los Angeles area. The Dunne family and their supporters picketed the restaurant forcing him to lose his job, change his name, and leave the state.


Dominick Dunne was a veteran of World War II, a producer, author and a lover of the celebrity lifestyle. He had his faults but he was a strong advocate for the rights of crime victims.

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