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In this semi-entertaining flick from Roger Corman, Susan Cabot plays an aging executive of a cosmetic company, who is approached by an old geezer (Michael Mark), promising her a youthful appearance. All she has to do is get injections made from his jelly, taken from queen wasps. Of course, Ms. Cabot is impatient for results, so without telling Mark, she starts shooting up left and right. The results: she looks about 15 years younger but gets a 50-game suspension from baseball. She also turns into a wasp wearing high heels.

Fred (Anthony) Eisley and Barboura (yes, the spelling is correct) Morris work for Cabot and seem to enjoy some type of non-sexual relationship. A few other cast members get stung and/or bitten - it was too dark to tell for sure.

Ms. Cabot does well under the circumstances, but it takes about 50 minutes before we see her transformation. There are also long stretches where nothing happens, yet the film is only 72 minutes long. Poor Michael Mark gets the brunt of everything; he is attacked by a pussycat, run down by a car, loses his memory, gets director/producer Roger Corman for a doctor, is stung by Ms. Cabot, and finally clutches his chest and kicks off. His agent must have been a real son of a bee.

"As you can see, sales of rectangles have fallen off."

"I have here my scientific collection of jams and jellies. I have Apricot
Jam, Pearl Jam, Grape Jelly, Wasp Jelly, and my best-seller, Kentucky Jelly."

"I call this impression 'dog barking under a halo'."

Right after this scene was shot, Susan Cabot hit a baseball 600 feet.

"If this infernal buzzing would just stop - say, is that a stinger in my pants?"

Chief Ironside, the Retirement Home Years.

Anthony Eisley shows off his newly-earned GED to Barboura Morris. However, she still refuses to sleep with him.

"A colonoscopy??? For a black eye????"

"Miss Cabot, I may not be a doctor, but I am the Director, and I'm ordering you
to change that bedpan."

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