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Capra's "The Way of the Strong" (1928) restored

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I looked around for any other thread on this movie and couldn't find any.


Was just reading on Leonard Maltin's website about Columbia's restoration of Frank Capra's The Way of the Strong - sounds pretty interesting:


We hear a lot about film preservation and restoration, but few of us understand what is involved in those processes. Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend a screening at the convention of AMIA (Association of Moving Image Archivists) in Hollywood where I learned how one particular film?Frank Capra?s 1928 silent drama *The Way of the Strong* ?was literally brought back to life. Rita Belda, a graduate of the L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Preservation at George Eastman House, now works as a technical specialist at Sony Pictures, and she walked us through the many steps she took to create a great-looking new 35mm print of this rarely-seen feature. Throughout her presentation, Rita extolled the benefits of digital technology as a supplement to traditional film laboratory work, but emphasized that it was crucial the results still look like film. She also stressed the need for pragmatism, in terms of priorities and budgets. (That said, Sony has a superior reputation for taking care of its films and making them available to archives, museums and festivals. Indeed, it was a request for a 35mm print to be shown as part of a Capra retrospective in Bologna, Italy that spurred this restoration.)


To read the rest, go to:


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Yeah, I saw this earlier. That's all well and good, but when are we going to start seeing some of these Columbia Silents like THE BLOOD SHIP (1927) with Hobart Bosworth, Jacqueline Logan and Richard Arlen, restored a few years ago on TCM? It's only been screened at festivals.


I have been told TCM did run Capra's THE MATINEE IDOL (1928) with Bessie Love years ago, but I am pretty sure that was actually the old AMC during one of the film preservation festivals and not TCM. I even remember seeing it on AMC. As far as I can recall, I have never seen any Columbia Pictures Silents on TCM.


The Old AMC also ran THE YOUNGER GENERATION (1929) with Jean Hersholt, Lina Bassqutte, and Ricardo Cortez back in the late 90's. Well, the current AMC definitely will not be running these, so unless another classic movie channel pops up who but TCM will show these films. I've seen Capra's THAT CERTAIN THING (1928) with Viola Dana, though not in a good print from Sony.

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This is very good news Holly.


It's amazing how they rationalize doing a new restoration just for a film festival where only maybe several hundred people show up, if you're lucky, instead of restoring them for release on DVD where thousands and thousands of people all around the world can see them.

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Still haven't seen A Younger Generation yet. I think Jeff sent me a copy but I've been so swamped and backed up lately I haven't gotten to it yet. Maybe I'll wait for the nice crisp digital print (I assume) TCM will be showing in December. That would be nifty: a premiere from TCM I haven't seen yet. ;)

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I still wouldn't count on the film looking much, if any different. In any case, I think it was recorded in Super VHS off AMC in 1997 or 98?. Kind of surprised that they are not running THE STRONG MAN since it is easily Capra's most famous Silent film. I don't think TCM has ever shown the picture? They might have run the Thames version back in the early years of TCM. I wonder if they could still get a hold of a copy from Photoplay Productuions?

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> {quote:title=HollywoodGolightly wrote:}{quote}

> > {quote:title=Scottman wrote:}{quote}

> > THE MATINEE IDOL (1928) and THE YOUNGER GENERATION are coming to TCM in December!

> > Yea TCM! :-)


> Those had never been shown before on TCM?

I believe that THE MATINEE IDOL got its firs showing on TCM in 1995, but hasn?t been run since. TCM has never shown THE YOUNGER GENERATION before.

I recorded it when AMC showed it around 1993 or 94. It?s a part talkie.

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